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Thread: 50lbs and One year later!

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    You've done a fantastic job!

    I did laugh.....not at you. I can totally relate to the chest/stomach comment!

    again on a great accomplishment!!!

    SW: 218
    CW: 180 1/2 way back to the "BAD PLACE."
    GW: 145

    Success is a journey, not a destination, enjoy the ride.

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    This is truly amazing, and I am very proud of you. It's one thing to lose weight, but 50 lbs is amazing. I can just imagine the sheer struggle and effort and discipline it took-something you clearly have. I have to say i thought you were so pretty before, as you are now, but I bet you feel alot healthier and lighter.

    I know it might sound like I am just saying it, but I am really happy i came to your post. I have never looked at success stories before, but seeing how you lost weight in one year, makes me feel very determined and slightly foolish. I have been on/off ww for almost 3 years now. I definitley want to lose the weight but something always sets me back, I always tell myself " i will be good tomorrow". The fact that you worked so hard in one year and lost this, makes me ready to also post up a success story.
    Thank you so much-you literally lit a fire under me lol.

    How did you do it? aside from ww, what workouts did you do, how often?

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    If I manage to rummage up any before photo's I'll make sure to post. It is truly amazing what that fifty pounds does to your body!

    Well girl, you're still ahead of me in the losing but I'm catching up fast. Can't wait to keep seeing those progress pics. You look amazing!

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Awesome job!! Keep up the good work.
    Starting Weight - 212
    Current Weight - 212
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    You look fantastic. What a transformation. Congratulations!
    HW: 190.4/SW: 180.2 5/23/07
    CW: phat PGW: 138 WWGW: 155

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Thank you everyone!


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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Thank you Lissie for posting that. You've definitely inspired me! I know I can lose this weight and I know I will!!
    SW: 197.5
    CW: 193.0
    GW: 140

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