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Thread: 50lbs and One year later!

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    Default 50lbs and One year later!

    Hello everyone. Promised my beloved T-20's a update on pictures

    This time last year I was tipping the scales at around 210lbs. How did I ever let myself get this way? I woke up every morning disgusted with my appearance and how I felt about myself. Every morning I would say in my head, “I need to go on a diet”…well on Dec. 3rd, 2007…right after Thanksgiving, I snapped. I couldn’t deal with this life anymore. Having a suggestion from a friend to try Weight Watchers, I quickly went on the prowl to figure out how the program worked. $40.00 dollars later on a weight watchers kit and $108.00 on a gym membership, I knew my life was never going to be the same.

    Here are some before pictures:

    This is a picture of me at a social function at work. I was so embarrassed when a co-worker put these pictures up on Facebook and tagged me. Mortified, I untagged myself and vowed to never look at these pics. Well here world, here I am! I squeezed (obviously barely) into a Size 16 jeans.

    Ahh, here I am in action. I still can’t believe someone took a picture of me like this (I should thank them)

    This is a picture at my nephews baptismal. Once again, a very tight size 16 pants and a LX shirt. Beep, beep! I’m coming though!

    I believe in pictures where you have no idea when someone is taking your is a pic of me in September 2008. Weight around 167lbs. You can see a difference in my body mass.

    I pulled out the baptismal clothes for old time sake..
    Clearly the shirt is now loose and the pants are basically falling off of me (sorry I guess you can’t tell that much in these pics, but trust me!) And a waist shot.

    Here are pics of me last night. At weigh in this morning, I officially lost 50.8lbs in exactly one year.

    Yes, those are size 11 skinny jeans and a medium shirt from Charlotte Russe. I am happy that now my chest sticks out more than my stomach!

    Thanks for reading about my progress. I don’t even know where to start in saying that BCB has been my solid rock on this journey. I have made so many friends though this website and without the accountability and support I wouldn’t have lost this weight. I still have about 20-25lbs to go and I am determined to get there! I am a living testimony that if you put your mind to something, it WILL work!


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    Wow Lissie, you look wonderful! You were beautiful already but your just glowing now! I bet you feel wonderful and you should, you've put so much hard work and effort into your journey and it has sure payed off. What a wonderful gift to yourself this Christmas, to be healthy and skinny and yes I said SKINNY!

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Lissie, you are a doll! Work hard to keep it off and enjoy your life.

    Total loss: 52 lbs incl 10 from 2008
    GW 137 August 2012

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    What an inspirational story. You look great. Those 50 pounds were hiding an adorable cute person!!! I am so happy for you and congratulations!

    How inspiring it was to read your story on December 3, 2008-exactly a year from when your journey began. I think everyone reading your post will be inspired and hopefully this time next year we will have a story of our own to share.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your story.
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    going to run as fast as I can to the 130s)
    10% Wt: 159.2 (3/6/09)
    Goal #2: 149.2 (6/19/09)
    20% Goal: 142.2 (12/19/09)
    Next Goal: 135
    GW: 125.0-135.0

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Wow! You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing you success story!

    *Irene* Thin for Life: Yes!

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    healthydays Guest

    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Thanks for posting this. You inspire me!

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Wow you look amazing! What a difference!

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    laralosing4good Guest

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    You look fantastic! Congrats! Just beautiful!!!

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    Great job! Keep on keeping it off!
    Returned Lifetime member

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    You look fantastic! What an inspiration! I'm looking forward to the day when my chest is bigger than my waist!

    HW: 320.8
    SW: 284.5
    CW: 284.5
    GW: 150

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    Lissie, you look really great! Good job!
    SW: 239.0 (12.30.10) CW: 233.6 (01.05.12) GW: 150
    Loss: 5.4 lbs thus far

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    Awesome job - you look great!!!
    I can't fail if I don't quit
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    joshandjakesmom Guest

    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Nice job... You are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work and remeber that slow and steady wins the race.. Keep on trucking

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Great job on reaching the 50lb mark!! I love the side view pic where you are in your before pants. You have a nice shape!!

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    Wow Alysse!
    You look great!!! Thanks for posting your pics- very inspiring!

    SW and HW-198

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Wow, you look great!
    ~ Stacey

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Lissie!! what a transformation!! you are a completely new person. you look great!! thank you for posting these pics. i'm basically where you were a year ago and i started to re-commit at about the same time! i hope i can post similar pics in a year
    Life-long dieter!
    We never repent of having eaten too little.
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later! look fantastic!
    Congrats on your success!! What a great job!

    HW: 297/ RESTART: 207.8/ CW: 205.6 / WWG: 146

    10/18/2011: RESTART
    *RNT is not an is a challenge!

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Alysse - You are such a beautiful woman (as you were @ 210lbs) but now you RADIATE! Congratulations on your success - you are truly inspiring!!
    HW:252 SW:241.6 CW179.4 WWGW:160

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    Terrific! I wouldn't recognize you either! You look fabulous!!!

    Start Weight: 186.4
    Current Weight: 174.4
    Current Loss: -12

    WW Goal Weight: 150
    Personal Goal Weight: 135

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Thank you everyone! Your comments mean the WORLD to me


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    You look amazing!!! Thank you so much for posting the pics, that takes guts all on its own, but you truly look amazing!! you are giving all of us the will and power to keep going. I totally hear where you are coming from about other taking your picture. Once week after i started Weight Watchers my cousin had taken a picture of me laying a a hammock with her kids i was 205 pounds and HUGE! I had no idea i looked like that, I mean how in the world did i ever let myself get that fat, it totally shocked me. Now i have that picture on my fridge at home everytime i go to open it i see that picture and i make healthy choices. Now i'm down 42 pounds and looking better everyday and feeling better about myself everyday. I just wanted to tell you that you are doing awesome keep it up and we all are soooo proud of you.

    SW: 230
    CW: 152.8
    GW: 135

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    WOW - what a success!!! Congratulations and you look absolutely awesome!!!

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    Lea22 Guest

    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    Hi Alysse

    I"m new to this Forum but I am just stopping by your thread to say how proud I am of you to stay determined like you have been

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    Default Re: 50lbs and One year later!

    You look fabulous! Good job!
    We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that. Ellen DeGeneres

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