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Thread: Core Daily Saturday November 29

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    Default Core Daily Saturday November 29

    Post away!

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    I ran into a previous co-worker the other day. Back in the days when I was busy on WW losing 45 pounds, she hired a personal trainer and ate a very low cal diet lost a lot of weight and looked fabulous given all the exercise she was doing. It all seemed very hard and not sustainable to me.

    3 1/2 years later she has gained it all back, and when she saw me she looked me up and down and said in a poignantly but congratulatory way, "You did it" as she knew that I had extolled the virtues of WW as a moderate program with permanent life changes. A few days later I saw my boss from that job and she also said, in an approving voice, as she is a marathon runner, with excellent healthy eating habits, "You look great. You kept off your weight. Congratulations". I am so used to my current weight that I forget that according to the National Weight Loss Registry I am, in fact, one of the 5%. Someone who has maintained 95% of their weight loss for years.

    It felt good to have my success recognized as, several years into maintenance, and slightly above goal, I have fixated on my failure to get back to goal and not on my success at maintaining most of my weight loss for several years. I needed that mental boost.

    Today's WI is free as I have attended the previous 4 weeks.

    My life right now is super busy, but reasonably paced, as I march through the days at a steady but sustainable clip, at least until March when most of my volunteer commitments will be finished.

    I am avoiding the Internet a bit these days as I find myself unable to stop reading and obsessing at news reports of the terrible behavior of some humans to each other and, for now, I have to keep some distance. It affects my time at BCB but I know you all understand.

    Stay well Core buddies.

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    Hey Buddies!

    Quick hello while my sister is in the shower . We have had a great time together, I don't think we stop talking (except to sleep a few hours)! Poor DH must love that . She's here until tomorrow (), and I don't work until Friday, so I'll be back on board soon. I miss you guys!

    Soda~ That's a great NSV!!! And, you turned on a light bulb in my head! I too just think about goal and not how far I've come so far. We're doing GOOD!!

    See you guys later. Hope you all have a great day and weekend!

    SW- 168

    CW- 140

    GW- 130

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    Morning buddies!

    I have the weekend off - yippee!!

    We are attending our first American Thanksgiving dinner today at the home of some American friends. Should be fun! I have saved all of my WPA's for this! My main plan is to be the designated driver and take a few bottles of Perrier for me. I would rather have a little dessert with my points than waste them on wine!

    I plan to get the Christmas trees up this weekend - I am such a big kid! I love having the decorations up before Christmas, but like to put them away on New Years Day.

    Have a great OP day eveyone!


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    Hey Buddies

    Happy Saturday !
    I am excited because starting tomorrow I am back to CORE. I cannot wait !!!!
    DH starts a new position on Monday at work, and is at a training course all day today. The girls and I are going to my mom's to help with a few things this morning. My boys are going to make me fresh garlands from our pines for the front porch while I am gone. They made some for my mantle yesterday and they are beautiful !! Advent starts tomorrow and the kids are so excited to put up the tree and decorate. I get a bit nutsy having the stuff up for the month, but it really makes them happy, so I keep it as clutter free as possible. My mom let us go crazy decorating when I was a kid, and I really loved it. I am trying to do the same for these guys-it is such a happy memory. I have a bit more say in it because the busy-ness really gets to me, but I try and relax a little bit. The kids are not gaudy,at least !!! We'll see what the kittens think of all this

    I have to go exercise before I go to my moms.
    Have an awesome day, buddies.
    By the way- my brother goes for an MRI Monday to see how the chemo is working-please keep praying for him, if you would.... Thanks !!!
    SW 230
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    GW 130

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    Default Re: Core Daily Saturday November 29

    Well the holiday BCB motif has arrived!!! And isn't it LOVELY!?!?!?

    I am still feeling really crappy. I slept in, got a sub for my ww meeting and am taking lots of drugs. I did manage a 40 minute walk with the dog and my walkvest, emptied the dishwasher, folded some laundry, started more laundry etc.

    Soda, that is SUCH a great NSV and good to be reminded of all you have accomplished. The sustainability of the ww lifestyle is key isn't it?

    Bridget, sounds like lots of fun at your house, as usual. I hope your brother's report comes back with good news!

    Becky, sounds like you have a good Tgiving plan! Have fun with the decorating!

    Linda, I'm glad to hear you are having so much fun with your sister!!! And you have some time OFF! Good for you!

    I'm trying to decide what all I will do today...I have taken major decongestants and hope to be able to play and sing at church I have music practices AFTER church too...hoping to play a flute/organ (me on flute) duet next week at church. Right now it's hard to imagine doing anything without coughing/sneezing/etc through it.

    I am thinking of counting points today. I know, carzy, huh? I think I've been eating a LOT lately, even though it's core and I'd like to get portions back down to normal. I'll let you know how long it lasts! So far I've been horrified by how many points there are in things!!! As a leader I guess it is good for me to be aware of these things!! I had a serving of shredded wheat with a cup of skim milk, WOW 5 points gone already!!!!
    We'll see. I do think there is some merit to this....

    Well, make it a great day buds!

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    All this green and red really gets me in the mood for the season! WI today was just as I espected....up a few pounds. The stress at work is finally down and now I can focus on what I need to do to get back OP.

    I have one last thanksgiving tonight with a group of friends. I did well on thursday because I did the cooking and we had a totally core friendly menu. Tonight, the theme of the dinner is "your grandmother's dinner". We are having ham and everything else is covered with some sort of a cheese sauce. Im in charge of taking the salad and the host wanted a 7 layer salad. I did make that and then made a 7 layer salad with out the mayo topping and the bacon bits (will take some FF dressing to put on that one).

    We have a winter weather advisory out for tonight through monday morning...I am so ready for the first snow of the year. It makes everything look so white, bright and clean.

    Have a nice evening. If you are traveling...have safe travels.
    SW 252/CW 217/ GW 150
    Short term goal: below 200 lbs

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    Default Re: Core Daily Saturday November 29

    Good Evening!

    Just a quick pop-in tonight. I went outlet mall shopping in Michigan with my mom and daughter all day today!!


    'nuff said!

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    Default Re: Core Daily Saturday November 29

    woohoo Kimberley!!!!!!!!


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