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Thread: I Hit an Exercise Milestone!

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    Talking I Hit an Exercise Milestone!

    This year I set a goal to ride my bike 20 miles in an hour. I accomplished that goal in May. So, I decided to push a little harder. Well.... Today I did it!
    I rode my bike 30 miles in 1 hour, 20 minutes!!!!

    And the best part.... I feel great and probably could have continued my ride for another 20-30 minutes!!!

    I just had to celebrate and share it with you guys!
    You think you know me... you think you know US! Try again. You only care about being right. The sad thing is, you think that I'm the one to blame. Well, ask yourself this.... who really drove him away? You!

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    That is awesome Horsemad!!!

    I went to watch my first triathalon last month and it is so inspiring to see the athletes swim, bike and run all those miles. It is amazing what the human body can accomplish with discipline and focus.

    I am trying to build up my stamina to be able to run 10 minutes non-stop. So far I can run around 2-4 minutes.

    SW (Oct 4, 2008): 176.2
    CW: 142.3 (Hi 140s Nice to get here, but I am
    going to run as fast as I can to the 130s)
    10% Wt: 159.2 (3/6/09)
    Goal #2: 149.2 (6/19/09)
    20% Goal: 142.2 (12/19/09)
    Next Goal: 135
    GW: 125.0-135.0

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    You deserve to be very proud of yourself. WTG

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    WTG, that is great horsemad! )

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