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    Default 10 Little Weight Watchers

    10 Little Weight Watchers

    10 little weight watchers joining in a line,
    one hated vegetables, then there were nine.
    9 little weight watchers say, "This is great."
    One said I don't have time to exercise,"
    then there were eight.
    8 little weight watchers say, "This is heaven."
    One had a birthday, then there were seven.
    7 little weight watchers, getting thin for kicks.
    One said, "Programs and fun just don't mix,"
    then there were six.
    6 little weight watchers, see how they thrive.
    One said, "Just once won't hurt,"
    then there were five.
    5 little weight watchers beating at a door.
    One weighed and left each week,
    then there were four.
    4 little weight watchers from fat getting free.
    One heard, "Dear you're getting too thin,"
    then there were three.
    3 little weight watchers see how they do.
    One went on vacation, then there were two.
    2 little weight watchers, life has just begun.
    One got off the program, then there was one.
    1 little weight watcher standing all alone,
    the body's gotten little, how the pride has grown.
    1 little weight watcher,

    at goal she (he) looks divine.
    We, each one of us, can be that one

    and not the other nine!!!

    "Be passionate enough to succeed......"
    David Cottrell


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    that's pretty cute!


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    I feel like we need a jump-rope!
    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.

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    healthydays Guest

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    Loved that! Thank you

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