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Thread: 10 pounds finally gone!!!

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    I finally lost 10 pounds!!!!! I am now 1/4 of the way to reaching my goal!!! My next mini-goal is my 10% which is 18 pounds!!!! Now I just need to get my rear in gear and hit the gym!

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    I found it so helpful to keep setting little goals like it sounds like you're doing! I just reached a MAJOR goal for myself by making it into Onederland (under 200 pounds)! But I'm now looking at my next goal of getting into the Healthy column of the BMI chart (195 pounds... only 5 under the last goal). After that, it's only 10 pounds to my GOAL WEIGHT!

    It's so important to celebrate all of these small goals so that you can make it to your ULTIMATE goal!

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!
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    It is a great idea to have small goals. I started doing small goals of 10 pounds and it has totally worked and kept me motivated because as of now i've lost 34 pounds, and i have 36 more to lose to hit my big goal but as long as i set the small 10 pound goals it helps me get to where i want to be at. So great job and keep at it.

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    congrats on your accomplishment i find it easier to use small goals instead of big ones it keeps you motivated to move on with the program and stick with it. WTG!!!

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    Great job!!!

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    Congrats! Awesome job!


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