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    ...'cause I AM IN ONEDERLAND!!!

    I lost 2.2 pounds this week for a total of 46.6 pounds gone... And I weighed in at 197.8!

    I was just over 200 pounds when I last had my driver's license picture done YEARS ago, and I put 199 as my weight! I'm now finally and ACTUALLY under 200 pounds for the first time since 2004!

    Can you tell I'm excited and proud!!!
    Pugdad Michael

    65 pounds lost! GOAL!!!
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    Wow! Great job! CONGRATS!!!!

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    CW: 128.6
    GW: 120

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    alicee Guest

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    Congratulations *Alice*!!!!!!!

    Thats awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work!!

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    Congratulations Michael! I know you've worked so very hard for this!

    Great job!
    "My basic philosophy can be summed up by an expression we use in Norwegian: hurry slowly. Get there, but be patient." GRETE WAITZ
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    COngratulations! That's fantastic, welcome to Onederland!
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    Kris17811 Guest

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    Great Job, Alice!!!!

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    I first thought this might be in reference to how Alice shrank by eating the "right" stuff. But Alice in Onederland is a great reference too. Congratulations Buddy!

    "Just Do It"
    Goal - 8/2/02

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    Aditswimbug Guest

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    Don't forget to have them put "Alice" as well as your new weight on your next driver's license!
    Thanks for making me LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations! That's fantastic.


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    Congrats! Awesome job!


    Katrisha R.

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