Man! This is hard isn't it buddies. Trying to overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits can seem overwhelming at times or even impossible. We often times get so wrapped up in our own struggles that we fail to put into perspective our plight in relation to the big picture that is life. How hard is it really to accomplish our goals? All we really need to do is eat correctly and exercise. That's it!! We have one enemy to defeat.....temptation. Somewhere tonight a young man will lie awake on a cot knowing his platoon will engage a heavily fortified insurgent stronghold at dawn. His very life may hinge on the fate of a single fired projectile. In a Drs office somewhere an individual will learn they have a terminal illness and must deliver that news to their families. Tonight a parent will receive that horrible call that their child was killed in a car accident. These are all terrible circumstances but unfortunately they ARE a very real part of life. It kind of makes putting down the fork and hitting the gym seem almost trivial. Please remember this the next time you're feeling sorry for yourself and want to give up. Don't make your journey more difficult by feeling it's too hard. Compared to lots of things it's down right easy.