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Thread: Polenta Crisps, help please

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    Can someone please help me. I've been searching the recipe forum trying to find a recipe using the homemade polenta( I can't seem to find the rolled polenta) then cutting into crisps. I just can't find the recipe. I have tried in the past and it did not turn out right. I am desperately trying to find something my "crunch" urge. Thanks for your responses.
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    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Polenta chips[/FONT][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']

    1/2 cup cornmeal
    1 1/2 cups of water( you may have to adjust water and corn meal ratio ias needed to get a thin spreadable mixture)
    whatever spices you want--I have used chilli powder and garlic salt

    boil water. add cornmeal and mix until smooth. smooth out a a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray. spread polenta out in very thin layer on the cookie sheet. cook 30-45 min at 375 degrees. it will curl up and brown and get very crispy when it is done--you just have to eye ball it--if you take it out too soon it will be too mushy in the center. serve with salsa, soups, salads--whatever works for you![/FONT]

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    this is how I personally make it;;;;;
    use 1 cup of corn meal to 4 cups of broth or water and STILL sometimes added 1/2 cup of salsa at the end, and it still set up! I cook mine on "high" (in the micro) for about 15 minutes...pour into a shallow pan and let "set" in fridge. then I slice as thin as I can and "fry" it in the microwave using a bacon dish. I spray it with Pam and then spray the tops of the polenta with Pam and nuke it! watch it though because it WILL burn!

    you can do the same thing with a potato! use a baking potato for chips! the thinner the better!
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    Thanks for your advice. I tried again last night and it still didn't work. I did 1/2 c. cornmeal to 2 c. water. Poured it on a baking sheet and put it in the fridge over night, woke up this morning and tried to fry it, but it was mush. all I did was burn myself. Argh!!!!!!!!! So I will give it another shot this weekend. I really lik the idea of the potato chips. If I hadn't have already had hashbrowns today I would try it tonight. Thanks.
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    In my opinion, the polenta "crisps" never really get crisp...

    Now the microwave potato chips...THEY ARE AWESOME!

    Crisp and delicious.

    I'll see if I can pull up the recipe. It's easy.

    If you've been very good and wait to have your potato serving for a treat, you will DEFINITELY want to try this if you haven't already.
    Get your favorite dip recipes out!

    Microwave Potato chips

    You will need:

    Russett Potatoes (or your favorite variety)
    Paper plates
    Parchment paper
    Pan spray
    Olive oil mister
    Seasonings of choice (Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, Mrs. Dash, cayenne pepper.... etc)

    Slice potatoes on a mandoline very thinly, about 1/8th inch thick. Lay a piece of parchment on the plate and spray with Pam. Spray the potatoes with oil and seasonings.
    Place another piece of parchment over the top, spraying both sides with Pam. Lay down another layer of potatoes, and repeat oiling and seasoning. Finish with another sprayed piece of parchment.
    Microwave for 7-9 minutes.
    Microwaves vary so experiment, starting with the least amount of time and increase. Your potato thickness will also be a factor.

    These will be golden and crispy!
    You can keep reusing the same pieces of parchment paper over and over.

    Cooking more than two layers is your own choice, but it doesn't work well in mine so try it at your own risk.

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    Default Re: Polenta Crisps, help please

    I agree that the polenta crisps never really get crisp, they don't get like tortilla chips when I make them, but then I'm not actually interested in making them into tortilla chips!

    I DO LIKE crispy polenta though!

    I make polenta in the microwave. 1 c cornmeal, 4 cups water in a VERY BIG BOWL. You can add any seasonings. Microwave on high 12-15 minutes. I haven't actually made it in ages so I don't really remember! You should stir out the lumps. It will have thickened

    Then you can spray a big pizza pan with oil and/or use no stick al. foil. I do NOT chill the polenta I just spread it out on the pan. It is hard to spread, using something like a spoon or knife that you spray with no stick spray helps. I also kind of cut it into sections. It is gloppy and doesn't "cut" well either.

    I then bake til it's as crispy as I want it. It will be unevenly crispy. This is a LOT of polenta and I find it hard to stop eating it, so you might want to make less at a time.

    Many core foods are not going to be replacements for non core foods, in that they won't be identical. But they can still be yummy and even yummier than that original non core food!!

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    Mine get crunchy, kind of like a tortilla chip. I have used them w/ff cheese to make chips & cheese deluxe and they crunch. I found out the first time I made them, that you can't store the leftovers in a ziplock bag as they get soggy. So now, I put them in a brown paper bag, and when I want to eat some, I put them back in the oven for about 5 minutes. Kind of what you do with the hard shell taco shells. This gets them to be not soft, and stale. They crisp right up again for me.

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    If you have a Signature Kroger in your area they sell the rolled polenta in the Organic section, sometimes refrigerated sometimes not.

    If not I have bought the rolled Polenta at Central Market in Plano and Whole Foods in Plano. It may be a drive but you can stock up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zubie75082 View Post
    If you have a Signature Kroger in your area they sell the rolled polenta in the Organic section, sometimes refrigerated sometimes not.

    If not I have bought the rolled Polenta at Central Market in Plano and Whole Foods in Plano. It may be a drive but you can stock up!
    k y

    Thank you lisa. I saw pre-made whole Foods but didn't buy it because I was buying bulk cornmeal to try it. Looks like I need to make a drive to buy it though.

    Thank you everyone else for your help. I am learning that Core foods are not a replacement. Some are growing on me, others I will use my AP's and flex for the real thing. I will def. be trying the potato chips though, they sound great. One question though is can I use Pam instead of Olive oil mister?, I don't have one of those.
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    I just made a batch of the polenta chips using the roll that is pre-made. I sliced it as thin as I could get it, layed them out on a baking sheet, used some PAM over them (I don't have a mister either, hope PAM is core, if not I would think points would be very little). Anyway, sprinkled them with a bit of salt and broiled. I broiled them for awhile, I had the tray two notches away from the oven coil. They got pretty crispy (some even too brown). Others were more on the chewy side but they were all still good. DS kept walking by and snagging them off the plate after they were out of the oven.

    I took some and put FF sour cream and the "Taco Style Lentils and Rice" on them (can find recipe in the core recipe forum), delicious! Like little tacos! I really enjoyed them for lunch!

    Worth a try!


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