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    How do I find out if there's an @ Work program at my office? I work for a large company so I'm pretty sure there should be...but I can't seem to find info.
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    Try calling the customer service number: 1-800-374-9191. Hopefully they can help you.

    I just checked the WWer website. Try this number, it might be better: 1-800-8-AT-WORK

    I also work in a large (7500) office building. When At Work meetings were offered here there were usually postings throughout the building at the beginning of each sign up period.
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    i wish that we had something like that where i work. i've heard it's a specific number that has to be interested and working there first. having it at my workplace, or even just in my division would make my life a little easier!


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    WW @ Work is AWESOME! That's how I originally got started, but after the last session ended, they didn't get enough to start it again, so I'm going at a center now. It was so convenient though, so I definitely recommend getting it going at your work if possible! I think there has to be 15 paid members - at least that's how it was here. My only complaint was that it was more expensive than going at a center.

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    I hope you were able to find out about the At Work Meeting. I have done WW at Work, went to a WW center and also went to a WW meeting that was held somewhere other than a WW center.

    I love the convenience of At Work but it is more expensive. Also mine is definitely not as organized as the others held somewhere else. That would be my only complaint. The leader has to bring all the stuff every week and set up. We also don't have a receptionist and that slows down the meeting. I still love that convenience.

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    Your Human Resources dept would know if they have one

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