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    LostTeacher Guest

    Default loss frustrating

    i am getting super frustrated right now.
    i am really trying to stay on program, not lose focus.
    but it's becoming a tougher goal. i am sure that part of the problem is that i haven't been at a weight like this since high school. therefore making my losses slow and painful.
    this week i worked my *** off.....stayed on program, drank my water, worked out. it felt like a long week.
    and to show for it......a loss of 0.2.
    when i lose, i usually see it a week afterward. meaning that my work this week will most likely be seen next week. but even though i know this, it's hard to think about, and gets frustrating when i work so hard and see nothing.
    i had set a goal for the end of this summer, and already it is looking like a dim reality. i also have about 29 pounds to go to reach my weight loss goal, and at this rate, it's going to take me forever.
    just feeling a bit sorry for myself....and am writing to keep from eating. i am going to continue working at it, and not let it get to me past tonite, but it's just a bit of a boo-hoo evening for me.

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Dear LT,

    Your frustration is so understandable. It is painful to work so hard, but not see the results you want on the scale. I think you are very wise to post about it, though, and give yourself a chance to vent your frustrations to people who have experienced plateaus and set-backs a-plenty.

    Hang in there...hang in there...hang in there! You can do this! Just remember that you are making the right choices for your body and your health, regardless of how quickly the numbers go on the scale!

    Warmest of Wishes, and Much Empathy,


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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I hear you, loud and clear. I seem to have a pattern of a nice loss (4-7 pounds) and then 4-5 weeks of up and down 1/4-2 pounds. No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to change. I know if I keep on, I WILL lose the weight, but at times the struggle is frustrating and I want to give up.

    I changed my focus from the weight loss to healthy eating and deciding that my goal was to attend WW every week for the rest of my life. If I do that, I know that eventually, it will sink in.

    I had a really bad week last week and was way off program. On top of that I'm out of town, so no meeting this week (where I went the meeting for the week had already occurred). But, I'm back on program and going to keep at it.

    My WW leader reminds me that success is not always the number on the scale. Are you feeling better? Are you eating healthier? Would you be even losing 0.2 if you weren't on program?

    Just remind yourself that this too shall pass and the loss will eventually show up. Hang in there and keep on keeping on. It is worth it in the end. (she says preaching to herself. )

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Oh I hear ya! If I lose good one week the next two or so I'll get the bitty loses or even a gain But then I look at all I lost and eventually all those bitties must be adding up! They say the slower you lose the more lasting the loss is - if we only lose .2 at a time we'll never gain it back then right!?!

    Back on track - September 2010... Whoo hoo!

    Some Weeks You Lose, Some Weeks You Learn...

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Hang In There-you Are Doing Great !!!!!!
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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Lost Teacher-Know you must be frustrated. But it is a loss. My last 2 weeks have been itty bitty losses, but those too add up. If I weren't OP I would be gaining. You have come so far. Keep going and you will keep losing. If you are like me slow and steady will win the race eventually.

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    LT: Sounds like it might be time for you to make a change. I have found that if I get sluggish in my loss i have relaxed a bit in SOMETHING. Look back to the weeks where you lost 1.5 to 2 pounds. What was different? Is it that you were just starting your exercise program back then? Maybe you need to work out a bit harder, or a bit longer each day....or add an additional day. If you are already "maxed out" in the exercise department, maybe there is a small adjustment to something you are eating, or not eating, that you can make. When I am working out a lot I need to ADD food to keep the weight coming off. Just a few suggestions. Keep on truckin' you have come so far, you have success already to be proud of...hang in there!!
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    LostTeacher Guest

    Default Re: loss frustrating

    i was thinking about switching back to flex for a week and see how that goes, but the more i think about that, the less i want to do that.

    so instead, i am going to be journalling everything. from exercise to water, from food that's core to food that's not. i want to be able to see EXACTLY what is going on, and if i am op and honest, and still don't have a loss, i can ask my leader next week to take a look at my journal, and see what i should do.

    a little extra work, but isn't that what wwcarol said......we have to do the work to get the benefit.


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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Hey LT - I was thinking that you could try to take a full 20 min. when eating your 3 main meals in a day (and have a glass of water with your meal). It would be hard to do, but if you could try it for a few days, you might find that you can actually eat less as you become full quicker and may not even be able to finish your "normal" portion. If you were to do it for a few days in a row, it might really show some progress on the scale. That way you can still eat core and not have to switch if you really don't want to. Just an idea of course.
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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Don't you back out on me now. We are in this together. I think we can all relate to how frustrating it can be....Not too long ago I got on the scale at a meeting and went back to my seat IN TEARS!!!!! I was so pissed off.....did the same thing...worked triple hard and saw this itsy little loss. I totally wanted to give up....never go back to a meeting and just eat myself into a black hole......Then I ran into the girl who owns the yoga studio I go to (I also went to high school with her and she graduated with DH and is their class president)...we got talking and she said that they were going to in fact have their 20th reunion next summer. DING DING DING it hit me. Get it together and lose the weight and go to the reunion smokin hot.

    Everything that goes into my hand even before it hits my it going to help me get to my goal of wearing that little summer dress a year from now and listening to people ask who I am because they don't recognize me. I think about it everyday.

    Some weeks will be good and some weeks will not be so good......but you are going in the right direction...DOWN!!!!! Keep your chin up....really pay attention to what you are eating and drinking. Last night I got together with girlfriends and had nothing to eat or drink....thus no guilt today. No working off what I have already lost.

    It is only the beginning of July and we are in this until the beginning of September. You CAN do this and you will do this....think positive, work hard, be honest with yourself and you will have success. We are all in your corner and know that you can do it.

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I find that sometimes you need to shake up your system. For instance, if I feel stuck, one week I will use all of my 35 wap's. The next week I won't use any. That little shake up usually helps to jump start the metabolism. Good luck!

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    don't worry erlas.....i am not getting off of this ship. i was just venting some frustrations because i didn't want to eat instead.

    today has been a better day already. i am being honest with my food and my points, and i am going to do it this week. it's just a wait and see.

    even if i end up swiching to flex for a few weeks, i am going to stick around here, and see what is what, so no worries....i will stay accountable!!


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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I know exactly how you feel.

    10 weeks and I've only lost 3.2 lbs total. Every week it is .2, .8 etc..all the while others in my meeting are getting 3-5 lb losses each week. The last two weeks I didn't even stay for the meeting because after the weigh in, I was about ready to cry.

    My girlfriend and I started the same time and she is down 30 lbs since we started WW, I am down 3.2 lbs. I follow faithfully and almost always stay within my point values for the day unless it is a special occasion, but even then I have the WPA for it.

    I was getting obsessive about planning my meals. I tried moving from Core to Flex and now thinking of going back to Core again.

    I understand the frustration. I work so hard for such a little loss that sometimes I wonder why. I can eat the cake and still lose the same peasily .2 lbs.

    I was hoping to lose all the weight for my wedding in 2 years, but at this rate, I'll be in an old age home before I lose 70 lbs this way. I lost all my previous weight on South beach. Even though WW is a lifestyle change, using SB let me lose the weight faster. But SB isn't practical to live that way the rest of my life and I'll only end up back on it again when I go back to having carbs the old way.

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I feel your pain, I really do. I haven't been here myself for a very long time, so giving advice is not what I do best, but I did want to add an idea or two. We learn by sharing and supporting each other. I have been on this journey a long time let me say that. I find weeks go by and I would get very discouraged with no progress on the scale. But I would see progress in the tape measure first, then in a few days I would have a loss. Hey I will take it any way I can. In inches or pounds it is still all good. Then I got stuck and Jennifer M said interval training. Wow new idea, it worked and I dropped another 10 pounds. Stuck again for several months. There was no change in the scale or tape measure. Several people said switch to Core and I did, finally the tape measure is moving again and now the scale as well. I hope some of this has helped you. But most important just keep going. Hang in there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegGirl View Post
    Hang in there...hang in there...hang in there! You can do this! Just remember that you are making the right choices for your body and your health, regardless of how quickly the numbers go on the scale!

    LT, remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. I know it's frustrating when you work so hard and don't see much of a loss. But it will come off if you just continue.
    If you have been doing a ton of exercising, maybe your body needs more food. You might be burning all your energy with exercise and not replenishing it enough. I don't know if that's the case, but it could be the problem.
    Change things up, as kgirl mentioned. Use all your points, or don't use your points. Do the opposite of what you are doing.
    Just keep going because you will be successful!

    It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change!

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    thanks a lot you guys!
    i have already made some changes. i have been journalling honest journalling. i am still drinking my water, and exercising.

    and i had a big mini-victory today. today I:
    - ate almost completely core (+1)
    - decided to be the DD going to a party (so no drinking)
    - decided when i had a enough at the party and went home, even though i was a little pressured to stay
    - and i didn't eat one thing at the party!! (there was only the typical party fare, and i didn't have anything).

    i hope to see this week the numbers on the scale do the things i need it to do, but i know that i am making healthy decisions, and for me, it is a lifestyle that i have been working really hard to do for the last two years.


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    Default Re: loss frustrating


    I am a newbie in the sense that I am back again after thinking I could do all this by myself. But I cannot, I need WW Core's help, the only program I am prepared to stick to it as it is do-able.
    I also get h=frustrated in the past and decided to NOT to weigh myself, but just check with my clothing. If I have not lost weight after a week or so, I will be frustrated and give up. If I do not weigh myself, my mind gets away from the scale and concentrates on healthy what the if it takes a few months, it will no bother me.....I need to move away from the scale and take the long term view, as we need to do this for live, so what are a few months....they are over so fast. I want Core to become part of me so I no longer need to think about food. So that I know the food I can eat by heart, so it becomes part of me. Then I know, I will be a real loser, not depending what the scale is telling me
    You can do it, take the long view, one week means nothing in a live time
    My thoughts are with you

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I am giving an update on my frustating 2 months on program

    This week, someone suggested that I try the Wendie plan to get a boost over this frustrating plateau.

    We'll, I weighed myself today and I've lost 2.5 lbs so far and I don't weigh in until Wednesday.

    I have committed to more water and more veggies.

    I think my problem was I was eating too little. I always had points left over at the end of the day and only dipped into my WPA on special occasions.

    I think my system needed a kick to realize it wasn't in starvation mode.

    We'll see how Wed goes, but so far, I am feeling better about WW.

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    I totally know how you feel, since I've been at this for 20 months now. I'm the queen of slow losers but here are the advantages that I've found.
    1. I've made it through 2 Christmases, Easters, Halloweens, and Valentines Days and know that I can handle them.
    2. I'm not gaining, which I would be, if I weren't on WW.
    3. All the people in my meeting who joined and lost 3-5 lbs. a week, only stayed a couple of weeks and never made it to the finish line.

    I will make it to the finish line this time because I'm not quitting, no matter what. I never wanted to lose this weight in a way that I couldn't live with at goal. That's why Core is for me and always will be.
    SW: 225.6
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    Rejoined 5/15/2010 to get to LIFETIME!

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    LT do you have BDS (workbook or book)? Maybe it's time to break that out! It certainly helps you with the THINKING part and also some helpful behaviors! you only eat sitting down? (for example)...but of course there is also stuff in there to deal with disappointment...remember, "oh well!"??

    I always encourage people to set behavior rather than weight loss goals, because you directly control your behavior!

    And don't forget to GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT EVERY DAY for all the great things you are doing already!

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    LostTeacher Guest

    Default Re: loss frustrating

    i do have both the book and the workbook. i was thinking about getting serious with it again and pulling them both out. may give me the boost i needed. i am still all over the map, and i know that a lot of it is emotional.


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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Quote Originally Posted by LostTeacher View Post
    i do have both the book and the workbook. i was thinking about getting serious with it again and pulling them both out. may give me the boost i needed. i am still all over the map, and i know that a lot of it is emotional.

    LT, I really think that would give you a boost! I know they always do for me!! You don't necessarily have to DO all the exercises but I bet if you get one or both out and start looking at it again, you will get a boost. I think ANY of us would!!

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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    well, i pulled the book out yesterday, and really started giving it a good read. put some sticky notes in where i need to work.
    i am even trying one of the exercises that i never did before....going from breakfast to dinner without eating anything, learning that i can live with some hunger. so i had some oatmeal, milk and a banana for breakfast (pretty filling), and i am going try to make it until about 4-5pm. (is also good because i ate an early breakfast today, 8am, so it's a decent amount of time).
    i am a little nervous about it, because already i was thinking about rummaging thru my kitchen for some core food, but then i thought about it, and realized i am not even really hungry.
    going to the beach is going to help too, because there won't be any food to pick at, and i am just going to bring a nice bottle of water.


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    Default Re: loss frustrating

    Good for you LT! I really think BDS is a GREAT place to turn to tightening things up!!

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