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Thread: WW Cookies?

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    skinnycow87 Guest

    Default WW Cookies?

    Anyone tried them and where do you buy them?
    I want some chocolate chip cookies!!!

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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    I got them at Walmart Supercenter. To be honest, I didn't think they were that great. The oatmeal ones were a little better. I was really hoping to like them becuase I LOVE chocolate chip cookies.

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    I bought 2 boxes of them, and I can say honestly I thought they were way too sweet and not what I am looking for...I have eaten 3 since I bought them and then told my daughter she could have the rest...

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    skinnycow87 Guest

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    Ugh. Well good to know I guess...

    I dont get to a supercenter that often so I'll just wait.
    I can probably find a low fat cookie that is the same amt of points and tastes better.
    thanks though!

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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    I agree with all of you, athey were horrible and not worth the points.
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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    I actually like them!
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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    Havent tried them yet but my members say pop em in nuke em about 10 seconds and they are great!
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    Cool Re: WW Cookies?

    If you zap the chocolate chip cookie in the microwave for 10 seconds, the chocolate melts, and it tastes pretty nice!
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    I have not tried this, but I found a low-fat chocolate cookie recipe online that sounds good, and the cookies would have 1 pt each. If you read the recipe, be sure and read all the comments about it - they are all very positive, and give some tips that seem helpful in making the cookies.

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    I don't remember where I learned this tip but it works great, and honestly does not change the taste or texture of the cookies.

    Split the amount of butter used in half. for example 1 cup butter to 1/2c. butter, then for the other half use mashed canned northern beans. They have the same texture as soft butter, and no flavor.

    When I heard about this I said YUCK!, but then tried it ( you know I had to) and the tasted delicious, I didn't tell my family what I did and they said they were my best batch of cookies.

    I don't know the point value of the recipe but i'll try and convert it this weekend and let you know.


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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    I've tried both flavors and wasn't impressed with the chocolate chip. I LOVED the oatmeal though. I've found that you really need to watch those freshness date stickers that are on the ones you buy at Wal-Mart. If they are expired the product will not taste good at all.

    As for substituting beans in the cookie recipe, this is a great tip and it doesn't alter the taste of the finish recipe. I learned about doing this at a health/preparedness fair. I set up a booth promoting beans and we served an applecake that was made with beans and fudge that was made with pinto beans. Both were delicious!
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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    Has anyone had the WW ginger snap cookies (2 point pkg)? Our leader gave everyone a package 2 weeks ago at a meeting and they were really good. Then she said they weren't available yet (at least, at our location) and I was bummed. I've been looking for a comparable recipe to make my own batch of tiny ginger snap cookies, but haven't found a good one yet. Has anyone tried these and liked them? Anyone know of a good recipe I can make until we get them in at our center? Thanks.
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    mom2twingems Guest

    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    Those ginger snap cookies were good! I didnt know they werent avail yet as I go tomorrow to weigh in and was going to buy some.

    What I liked is that there were more in the bag than I thought and they were "heavy" unlike the 100 cal packs and they made me full. Very impressed with them.


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    mochalattekona Guest

    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    on the choc chip ones.

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    LostTeacher Guest

    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    has anyone seen the new 'twinkie' like snack cakes that are coming out for one point? i saw them advertised in the last ww mag, and i thought i would love those.

    and i also found i actually liked the chocolate chip ones, and couldn't stand the oatmeal rasin ones. ew.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LostTeacher View Post
    has anyone seen the new 'twinkie' like snack cakes that are coming out for one point? i saw them advertised in the last ww mag, and i thought i would love those.
    We picked up some at Walmart today. We got the Hostess Chocolate Cake with Creamy filling and the Hostess Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes. They are both ONE point per pack.
    Here's the important numbers:
    Fiber: 5g
    Calories: 100
    Fat: 3g

    The chocolate ones are good - haven't tried the Cinnamon ones yet.
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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    Ya I like the chocolate chip ones. They do taste a little artificial, but they do the trick for me when I'm craving a cookie. Also, Dare, has a cookie called the cinimon snap and you can have 4 for 2 points. They are pretty big and they taste really good. I also have a killer recipe for 1point peanut butter cookies. Have to dig that out.

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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    i didn't like the choco chip ones, they were nasty tasting (to me) and gave me a stomach ache...just mho.

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    Default Re: WW Cookies?

    WW sold mini chocolate chip cookies at my center for the last couple of months. They were a good price and I really enjoyed them, more so than the regular size cookies. Unfortunately they are limited edition, so not sure if they will be around much longer!

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