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    Today I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight for break. I was so worried I'd go out of control. Then, I remembered what another Corbie posted about having fat in your diet and how it satisfies you for longer, so I decided to try an experiment. Instead of eating a whole bunch of food at once, I had 2 TBSP's of real peanut butter (the only somewhat healthy fat I could find around) and VOILA!!! my urge to eat EVERYTHING was gone and I was in control again! Lesson to self: Fat is essential!

    7 days OP


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    Good for you Amy!

    Back to loosing a few lbs over goal...
    Finding the perfect meal at the time...
    I can do it!

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    That IS a great lesson to learn!...of course you need to count the points for the 2 T of pb, which would be at least 5....

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    Question Re: A Discovery...

    Do you make a check-off list for your 8 Good Health Guidelines daily?

    Sounds like you need some of your oil early in the day, but I think a checklist is a great idea to make sure you're getting them all in!
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    That's awesome! Peanut butter is a good protein source, too, so you're hitting thte protein angle at the same time. Very good for you, even if you do have to count the points.
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    Peanut butter is fantastic. I'm all out of the natural stuff and HAVE to get more. The dog is thrilled that she has her own jar of fat/sugar added pnb as a treat.

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