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Thread: 30 lbs gone for good!

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    Default 30 lbs gone for good!

    So it has taken me exactly one year to lose 30 lbs VERY slowly. I decided to take a look at some pics to check out my progress and was surprised to see a difference. I love looking at other progress pics, so I thought I would share. About 5 years ago I lost 30lbs in a matter of months... but it came back so quickly. This time I took it slow and the weight is off for good! I just have to keep truckin' away at it.

    227 My highest - Spring 2007

    220 Summer 2007

    205 - St. Pattys Day Party 2008

    197 - Current weight June 9

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    Wow Samira, you look awesome!!! Congrats on making it to onederland and to your continued journey!!! KUTGW!! By the way I just love your outfit on the last pic.

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    Wow. Thats a nice transformation! You look great! I enjoy the pictures so much!
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    Wow!!!! Samira, I definately see a transformation!!!!!
    You are so inspirational! I love the pictures!

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    Congrats on your weight loss! You look marvelous!

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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing! You look great!

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    You look really great! I bet it was a great feeling to reach onederland!
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    SLOWER is BETTER!!! All of these people doing these fad diets, losing all of this weight in a month, gain it back and more usually, you are doing it the right way and look good! Congrats, 30LB is a huge milestone.
    - Ron
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    You are doing so well! And losing slowly is helping you change your habits as well as your thinking about food and to change your mental image to a thin you!

    Total loss: 52 lbs incl 10 from 2008
    GW 137 August 2012

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    Congrats! You look amazing. And I absolutely love your hair. It's just shiney and healthy!

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    Way to go Samira! You look great!
    And I think it's great that you are slowly trying to change your habits. Lifestyle changes can take time.
    Way to go, and keep up the great effort!
    SW and HW-198

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    WHOO HOO! Look at you!
    You look great, and you can see the fun you are having in those photos!!

    WTG Girlie!!

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    Samira you look great. I bet you feel great too! And you should. WTG!
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    Congratulations! You look great!

    Started WW on 1/16/08 and took time off to have a baby in 2010
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    Congratulations, you look marvelous!!

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    What great results! You look fantastic!
    Allison SW: 196 / CW: 190.5 / GW: 140
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    Very good work Samira!! you have done well and look great!

    Keep it up!!

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    WTG you look great Keep it up!!
    180/171.8/140 -8.2 to date!!
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    This is my 2nd attempt at WW. The first time I lost 50lbs and kept it off for 2yrs. I will hit goal again!!!

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