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Thread: Made Goal today!!!

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    Default Made Goal today!!!

    Hi all, I am happy to report I made goal this week! Actually it was my biggest loss since the first week, which is amazing. So those of you that think your weight loss has to slow down, take heart, you could have a great loss no matter what week you are on! I lost 3.8 this week.

    So DH is taking me out tonight to celebrate....and I will be wearing my new size 6 jeans.....I honestly never thought a size six was possible for me, so I am super excited!
    Starting weight 175.6
    wwg- 137, made goal 5/30/08
    Current weight 166.2

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    Congrats! As a slow loser I appreciate the inspiration. Have a great celebration in those size 6s. You have earned it.

    Life may not be the party we hoped for, but as long as we are here we might as well dance! - Andy Rooney

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    Default Re: Made Goal today!!!

    Wonderful! have a good time tonight.

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    Abbie, what wonderful news! you earned it girl! enjoy your evening in your new jeans...woohoo!!!!! I am proud of you.
    SW 124.4 /CW 118 / GW 115
    LIFETIME 10-03-07

    Joined ww 5-8-07

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    Congratulations. I am sure you will look and feel awesome tonight.


    Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal

    April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.
    5-9-08 Began Core
    10-25-08-Made goal
    12-4-08-Made Lifetime
    11-29-09-Starting again

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    Default Re: Made Goal today!!!

    Congratulations GaPeach!!!

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    Default Re: Made Goal today!!!

    Congrats!! What an achievement!

    SW and HW-198

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    That's great - congrats!
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    Hurray for you, GA peach! (I am one, too, being born in Atlanta and raised there many moons ago) I know it's been a couple weeks now but wanted to add my congrats!

    Total loss: 52 lbs incl 10 from 2008
    GW 137 August 2012

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