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    What are some of your favorite food items that you buy from Sams or Costco that are point friendly? I usually go to our regular local grocery store but someone mentioned a couple of things to me that sound good that I can only find at Sams or Costco. I thought I might be able to get some good ideas from all of you of some new things to try!

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    Hi - most of what I buy at Costco is stuff I could also get at a grocery store, but at better prices. Last time I went I got great bargains on fresh fish (tilapia and salmon). I also got a great buy on Skinny Cow sandwiches - a box of 20 for about $10, I think - it was a mix of chocolate and vanilla. The only bad thing is when I buy stuff like Skinny Cows in bulk, I tend to eat it more often. Lesson learned, I guess...

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    Default Re: Sams & Costco

    Ground turkey
    Nature's Own bread
    Thomas' Light English Muffins (1 point)
    Fiber One bars
    Fresh fruit

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    I agree that most of what we buy at Costco we can get elsewhere, but the pricing is better at Costco, when they have the items:

    Kashi Go Lean Crunch
    Quaker oatmeal
    bottled water
    Laughing Cow cheese
    Chicken breasts
    Ground beef
    Fresh fruits and veggies
    Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

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    I started weight watchers again last week and I remembered that at my old meetings I used to go to that so many people bought things at Sams that our local grocery store didn't carry. A lot of the items were from the frozen food section and could be cooked easily and fast. I wish I could remember some of the things they raved about. I know there was a stuffed chicken breast that everyone loved and it was really points friendly. I'll take my trusty ww calculator and go in search for some new items that are low in points! Thanks for your replies!

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    I know from time to time my leader will mention Costco "finds", but I really never pay that much attention to them since a lot of them are prepared meals.

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    skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
    Dr. Praeger Veggie burgers
    garden fresh salsa (refrigerated)
    94% fat free popcorn
    broccoslaw salad
    skim milk
    quaker oats
    fruits and vegetables

    That's my Costco list. We're going Thursday. Hope I get some new ideas too!
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    I'll have to try the Dr. Praeger veggie burgers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PecanShan View Post
    I'll have to try the Dr. Praeger veggie burgers!
    I bought these at Trader Joe's. I didn't care for them all that much, mostly because of the texture. You might want to try them first before you buy them in the quantity you'd get from Costco.

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    I love Sam's. The milk, orange juice and eggs are much cheaper there. Here are most of my favorite items I get from there:

    Baked Potato chips
    Sun chips
    Laughing Cow Cheese wedges
    Big thing of crumbled Feta Cheese (divide and freeze)
    Big bag of Lettuce
    Cherry tomatoes
    Sliced mushrooms
    Green and Red Peppers
    Roast Chicken
    Raw chicken tenders and breasts
    Imitation Crab Meat (divide and freeze)
    Shrimp, cooked
    Orange Juice
    Skim Milk
    Eggs (in cartons of 18 - use egg whites instead of Egg Beaters)
    Pork Tenderloin
    YoPlait light yogurt
    Del Monte Fruit Naturals (in refrigerated section)
    Shaved Roast Turkey luncheon meat
    Chicken Meatballs
    Jimmy Dean De-Lights Breakfast Sandwiches
    Frozen Talapia (individually wrapped)
    Frozen broccoli
    Lean Pockets
    Thomas' Light English Muffins
    Bottled Water
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    Same with Hoot's post:

    I get milk- skim was 2.98 a gallon last week.
    Nature's own honey wheat bread 2 pack for 3.48
    2- 18 packs of eggs were under $4 last week
    boneless skinless chicken breast- 1.97 b all the time! (by the size of the breast I suspect the chickens are on some kickin hormones)
    90/10 ground beef- 2.48 lb

    it's not what you asked but I shop at sam's for things that are cheaper than wal-mart. Not everything is cheaper. For instance I love the Vermont %50 fat cheese but it's much cheaper at wal-mart than at Sam's.
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    I haven't been to sams or costco since i started weight watchers. not for any particular reason, just haven't.

    but i wanted to suggest, that on the costco website, they have about 75% of their products on the site. with the caloric information almost always. you can figure out the points, and do some research ahead of time!

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    Mancini Roasted Red Peppers (huge can)
    Marinated Artichoke hearts.
    6 pack of romaine lettuce
    2 pack bottles of balsamic vinegar.

    I chop 2 hearts to add to my salad for 1 point and can use as many roasted peppers as I want. Added to romaine and chopped celery, with some balsamic vinegar, I'm having a delicious antipasto!

    the peppers I either freeze in portions or put in an empty 3 lb ricotta cheese container and top off with cider vinegar to prevent them from spoiling.

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    Here is my shopping List and the things I get at Sams and Costco...added TJ's in there too (trader joes) (I cut and pasted this from another post I had on WW)

    Pre-cut veggies (Costco and Samís)
    Pre-cut fruit (Costco and Samís)
    Cut up Frozen Fruit for Smoothies (Costco and Samís)
    Canadian bacon and other lf/healthy deli meats
    Frozen Chicken Breast Tenders (Costco and Samís)
    Single Serving Lean Round Steaks (I get these at dollar store!)
    Pre Made Lean Hamburger Patties (I have found 4% Ö)
    Flat Outs (Costco and Samís)
    Sarah Lee and WW bread whole wheat breads (Costco and Samís)
    Ready made brown rice (TJís)
    Shirataki Tofu Noodles
    Ready Made Polenta in a Tube (omg!)
    Fiber One and Shredded Wheat Cereals
    Fiber One Bars (Costco and Samís)
    Low Fat Kraft and Litehouse Salad Dressings
    Light Miracle Whip
    I Canít Believe Itís Not Butter Spray
    Non Fat Organic Milk (TJís)
    Non Fat Greek Yogurt (TJís)
    Olive Oil Spray
    WW Ice Cream
    Better than Bullion
    Smart One Desserts (omg!)
    WW Candy (omg!)
    SF Pudding
    Bottled Water
    SF Carnation Instant Breakfast/ WW Smoothies
    Eggs Beaters (for baking and smoothies)
    Lite Cool Whip
    olive oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by sassy_sarah View Post
    Here is my shopping List and the things I get at Sams and Costco...added TJ's in there too (trader joes) (I cut and pasted this from another post I had on WW)

    Shirataki Tofu Noodles
    Which store do you find these at?

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    Default Re: Sams & Costco

    DaVinci sugar-free syrups
    IQF chicken breasts
    Frozen veggies
    Frozen fruit
    Fresh berries
    Salad mix
    Coleslaw mix
    1/2 gallon Land o Lakes half and half
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    I may be alone in this, but I've honestly never found the prices at Sam's or Costco to be really worth it. Once you pay the membership fee and have to buy in the ridiculous bulk quanities, it really isn't worth it to me, and the prices on many of the things aren't even lower. I follow the store ads and use coupons and I find I do much better that way. I even got a half a cart full of items FREE yesterday (items on sale, or buy one get one and with double coupons)

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