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    Well when I began the weight loss process there was alot of sticker shock as I paid a startup fee for this and a weekly fee for that and extra for some of the foods I was eating well after 28 weeks On the Program I think its starting to pay back some of the money I spent. I was able to purchase shirts at walmat the other day the first time I've fit into something outside of a Quote "Big and Tall" store for years. The cost of these very stylish shirts was about a third of the price of that at a big and tall place. I was estatic to say the least. I'm still in the largest size and technically expanded size area that cost $2 more but the fact that I can buy it from a normal store is just great.

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    Right on.

    The non scale victories are some of the sweetiest IMO. When I was loosing, I used Goodwill - taking my "large" size clothes into the donation door then going around front and buying some smaller clothes as I dropped the poundage.

    I went from a snug 44"" waist to a 38" and when those fit it was moment to remember. Now even "relaxed" 36" fit and I haven't worn something like that since high school.

    Life is good.
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    Congratulations!!! Great NSV!!
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