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    Hi There! Long time lurker and first time poster. I love this site and I hope once I get better internet access to post more often. I'm currently following the UK version of weight watchers, and am on the Points plan. I've lost about 10lb so far and I had about 13lb to lose so nearly there!

    Anyway, I'm heading out for dinner with people from work and we're going here:

    Any recommendations on what to get? Not hugely into fish or seafood although I will try some of it.



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    To be real honest, I don't know what some of those food really are but they sound devine.

    When I eat at a restaurant I am not familiar with, I usually go for a caesar salad with the grilled chicken. I see they have caesar salad with rotisserie chicken. That probably isn't a bad choice except for the dressing. Can you take your own low-point dressing? I don't eat salad dressing. If I got that I would probably add the side of green beans, sugar snap and peas in a mint pesto. That would have to hit a bunch of your Good Health Guidelines.

    2nd choice for me would be the chargrilled pork chop with the roast apple, pineapple and pomegrnate salsa. I have never ate pomegranate but that sounds really good also.

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    I'm not sure what half of them are myself to be honest! Thanks for your advice, I was thinking of the caesar salad myself all right, but was concerned about the dressing. I suppose I could always ask for it on the side.

    thanks again!
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    This is why we study menus before we go to restaurants. It would take half the night at the restaurant deciding, wouldn't it.
    I agree with the Caesar and either bring your own dressing or talk to waitress. I ask the waitress for some descriptions to avoid fat.
    I love fish and seafood so would not have a problem. I saw a rotiserrie chicken of the day. Just need to know what the chef has in mind.
    I sometimes order a couple of starter choices. Our portion need is so much less than many American restaurants. Did you look at the vegetarian menu? Their Calabrese tomato salad is a favorite of mine with the olive oil being a good thing. I might very well order the grilled pork chops if I didn't want fish.
    I loved their cheese menu. Off limits now but boy they sound good.

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    Hi yeah I checked out the veg menu and that's what I was leaning towards. I just wanted some advice!

    thanks again for replying

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