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    I took the family shopping for spring clothes yesterday, and we went to quite a few places to find things for the kids. DH and the girls all found things that they liked, but I couldn't find anything that I thought looked right or would fit, so I didn't even bother to try anything on. The last store we wound up at was Old Navy (one of my favorites), and I started browsing the racks. I found a really cute pair of khaki capris that I loved, and when I saw the size 16 I started to remove the pants from the rack, and glanced at the size 14 next to them. I decided, "Why not at least try them on and see how far I have to go?" and headed to the dressing room with two shirts I picked out.

    THE 14's FIT!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but they made my **** look awesome!!!! The shirts were adorable, and I bought all three items while trying not to skip like a little kid out of the store. I am SO floating on Cloud 9 right now!


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    Those victories are so sweet and to be treasured and shared with all!!

    I can remember taking my large clothes to Goodwill and going in the front door to get smaller clothes - while I was loosing the poundage. And after I hit goal it was sweet to go into stores and buy new clothes for my slimmer bod. . .

    Life is good.
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    That is AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!!
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