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  1. Smile 110 lbs gone - check out my website

    Check out my website at
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    Melissa, I only have one word for you. WOW!

    You have done an outstanding job on your website. I have been browsing the recipes and I see so many that I really want to try.

    I should have prefaced this by congratulating you on your tremendous weight loss and the fact that you have kept it off for so long. Congratualtions on a job well done.

    I appreciate you sharing your website with all of us and I will visit it everyday. Thanks again for helping me to stay focused.

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    What a great site for inspiration and a reminder for those of us with a lot to lose that it can be done, and can be maintained! Congratulations!
    Locavore on Core, eating local, organic farm-fresh foods, avoiding "Frankenfoods," and blogging all about it!

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    Thank you both for the compliments. I'm glad that my website can be a source of inspiration and recipes for all of us on this journey.


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    Melissa, very well done, you have a great website, and your before and after pic is awesome!

    You are an inspiration!


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    Thank you for sharing your pictures and your website! You look marvelous! I am so proud for you...........

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