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Thread: I lost my kid!!!

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    Default I lost my kid!!!

    I know it sounds like a weird number to be a milestone but my 3 year old daughter weighs 36 lbs and that's how much I've lost. It totally blows my mind that I've lost the same amount of weight as she weighs. How is that even possible? I used to think I was a pretty smart person, I mean I graduated from college and everything, but I totally don't get the science behind where the weight actually goes. LOL Am I dumb or what?

    Anyway, go me! I lost my kid!

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    Default Re: I lost my kid!!!

    Way to go!!! Awesome achievement!!! It really is hard to believe when you find something that weighs what you've lost and then try to imagine carrying that around 24-7.... Absolutely Unbelievable!!!

    Keep up the good work

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    Very good Aimee!! What an achievement! I know exactly what you mean, it is an amazing thing when you think about it...where the heck does it go? I know it 'burns off', but I've never seen any smoke.

    Anyway...keep up the good work!


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    Way to go Aimee. Whenever you are discouraged just pick up that little girl and see exactly how far you have come. Keep up the good work!

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    i know! my kid also weighs 35 lbs. i can't wait until i lose him!. a couple of weeks ago i made a great find at value village (not sure if this chain is in the states but it's a for-profit (non-charity unfortunately) 2nd hand store). i found some of those strap on ankle weights 5 lbs each and they were only $2 each! (we bought some for my dad who is having age -related problems and his cost well over $20 each) . anyway, i strapped them on and i carried them around the house for about an hour. i could NOT believe how heavy they felt. with every step turning into agony. i mean i KNOW that our excess weight is distributed very evenly around every cell of our body, so we don't feel it all around our ankles and therefore the same resistance. but seriously, it blew me away how much 10 extra pounds could hurt. i simply can't imagine carrying my kid around on my back all day, but that's what i've been doing for years.

    wtg aimee!

    weigh-in tomorrow for me. i think i've lost about 7 lbs this month and i'm so happy that i've been back on track lately. only a couple of tiny slips and nothing to throw me off for long. woop woop. can i call it a lifestyle yet. maybe not, still a bit too nervous about having a bad day, or bad weigh-in and feeling like quitting.


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    look at allysmom up there almost hitting her non-obese BMI! wtg allymom too!


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