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    Hi all...It's been awhile since I have been on. I went through a couple of "I'm doing it this time". And it lasted a few weeks and then faded. I would be back to eating unhealthy and gaining more weight on. I would complain to my family and friends " I hate being this big" but I would be sitting there eating chips! In Dec of 07' I started having heart problems, was in the hospital for a week. That scared me! I wanted to get healthy, if for not me then my kids! They are to young to lose a mom! So In Jan I went to a local meeting. I just love the team leader! She was so inspiring!.. I have learned to love myself and started eating healthy. And to treat this as a life style change and not a diet! My started weight in Jan 07' was 183Lb. I am down to 149' as of my weigh in on Sat . I just love the way I look! And i feel so much better. I am going to my heart doctor today. I haven't seen him since Feb, I'm hoping to be taken off my meds now! Thank you all for listen to me.. Sending good vibes to you all!
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    hi Gina! welcome back, it sounds like you have it under control this time around, congrats on all you've lost! Theres nothing like feeling good about how you look and about all you've accomplished.

    Keep up the good work!

    Hoping to see you around the boards!

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    Wow Gina, what an accomplishment!

    Your post totally inspired me, especially since I'm currently just about where you started. Every time I think about the pain of counting points, I try and think about how much bigger of a pain it is to worry about my health all the time.

    Way to go !

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    Congratulations! I know its a bit of a cliche to say "life style change not diet" but I have to repeat it to myself all of the time. Losing weight is great, but this is foremost about getting into healthy eating and living - and then the weight will come off. Lillie

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