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Thread: WW yogurt parfait

  1. Default WW yogurt parfait

    Very simple and only 2 points!

    1 container WW yogurt of your choice (1 pt)
    3 vanilla wafers (1 pt)
    1 tbs. ff coolwhip (0 points)

    layer the yogurt and vanilla wafers in a small parfait glass. Top with a small dollop of ff cool whip. It's better if you make it ahead of time and let it sit in the fridge. The wafers get soft and yummy!

    This one reminded me of my mom's banana pudding.... you could probably add some banana slices for another point! Yum!


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    Default Re: WW yogurt parfait

    I make something similar to that.

    I use either Horizon or Fage yougert as they do not have HFCS and are more natural.

    1 C Horizon plain or Fage yogert (2)
    1 C strawberries (0)
    1 C Udi's granola (2)

    Just layer it or mix it up either on. It is delicious for breakfast or snack before bedtime. All natural and no HFCS or trans fats.
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