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Thread: Salad Dressing

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    Question Salad Dressing

    Going grocery shopping today - need low point idea salad dressings..........WITH FLAVOR - NOT FF Italian - sick of it!
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    Default Re: Salad Dressing

    My favorite is FF Catalina by Kraft. I have tried just about every dressing out there and this is the one I like the best.

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    I like that Catalina, too - but my favorite is Kraft Light Done Right Raspberry Vinaigrette - even though, as it comes in the bottle it is 2 points (barely) for 2 TBSP. If you use a little less than the 2 TBSP, it is one point.

    What I usually do is pour off the oil that comes in the bottle, then use it with extra virgin olive oil. It is made with a mix of soybean/canola and evoo, but I'd rather not have the soybean oil at all. (This is unless they have changed the recipe again - they did change it a year or so ago.)

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    I agree with the Kraft FF Catalina - I pretty much only use this! It tastes especially good with a seafood salad - like shrimp or crab. YUMMY!

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    I've been using sour cream and salsa for the last few weeks now.
    This is the salad I eat it with.

    2-3cups lettuce(0pts)
    1-2 ounces cut up chicken breast(1-2pts) or 1/2c of 95% ff beef(2pts)
    1/4c ff kraft shredded cheese(1pt)
    2tbsp salsa(15 calories) w/ 3tbsp of dalsy light sour cream(30cal) =(1pt)

    I've been eating this salad for a while now, its really good.

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    I would pay dearly for a low fat/fat free salad dressing WITHOUT added sugar!!! I mostly stick with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but Kraft fat free blue cheese is the only other that I can stand!!

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    These are great - I love them both.

    Bought at Albertson's (I think that's also known as Krogers in some areas). Located in the refrigerated section by the vegetables.

    Both are by Galeos:

    World's Best Miso Toasted Sesame Seed Dressing Marinade and Dip (Has red trim on the bottle)
    1 T = 22 cal, 2 fat gr and .5 fiber = so 2 T are less than a point

    World's Best Miso Caesar (Has green trim on the bottle)
    1 T = 14 cal, 0 Fat, .5 Fiber = 3 T are less than a point

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    i just bought fat-free ceaser....0pts...really good

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    You may want to consider making you're own. I have a fantastic recipe for a light Green Goddess that's to die for.
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    Find a light Ranch dressing that is 1 point per tablespoon. Add 1 tablespoon of salsa to 1 tablespoon of the Ranch dressing. The salsa doesn't add any points.

    Serving suggestion: This mixture is realy good on a chicken taco salad (add some chicken flavored with taco seasoning, some low fat shredded cheese, and anything else you like such as beans, corn, etc). Add some light tortilla chips for crunch.
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    Kraft "free" Ranch- 1 pt for 2 tbs, pretty close to full flavor. They also have thousand island and ceasar for 1 pt. I've tried the ceasar and like it, but not quite as much as the ranch. Not sure if they have other flavors.
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    I'm a make-it-yourself kinda gal, too, and it's a great way to get in your healthy oils. Vinaigrette with a little dijon, balsamic vinegar, herbs, and olive oil is great and really easy.
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    I'm a ranch lover myself, but can't tolerate any of the FF or light varieties. However, I really enjoy the new spray. Great flavor and very light.

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    I like Emeril's balsamic vinaigrette - 30 cals. for 2 tbsp.

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    I found another one I like - Ken's Streak House Lite Accents (spray) Asian Vinaigrette - very nice flavor! The Nutrition Info on the back says 10 sprays=15 calories; on the front of the bottle is says 1 calorie per spray.

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