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Thread: Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

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    Default Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

    Rise and shine!!!

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    Good morning Buddies -

    I got to walk/ run outside again yesterday and this time with kids and DH. It was great. I look forward to more family moments like that. I alternated walking and jogging and DH pulled the kids along in there wagon. It was good times for them.

    I better get moving if I want to get out of here on time.

    Hi to all that follow. Have a great one!

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    Hi, Everyone
    Nice weather for walking-RW2L ! How great it is to be outside. It's been lovely here, and we've been spending lots more time outside. Good for us, and the dog has been happy, too !
    I'm up making breakfast for DH as he gets ready for atrip for 2 days to DC. We went on a date last night-spontaneous-but so great because we have not been alone together in I don't know how long. Between his work and the kids being sick, it's been pretty crazy. We had a really good time. The place we went to is nearby and have a salad bar I really like, because it is SO easy to eat CORE there and I NEVER overdo it. That was really great, but the topper was that as we were walking in and we were holding hands-my DH told me my hands felt "boney"- I was ecstatic ! I was thinner when we were dating (20+ years ago) and he never said that before. Sounds silly, maybe, but it meant quite a bit to me !!!
    I will go work out when he leaves. Then a regular school day with the kids-probably a quick one because they are almost done for the week and it is so nice outside-extended recess !!
    Have a good one
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    Good Morning

    Well I weighed in on Tuesday night.....but I posted late in yesterday's daily so I will repost....lost 4 pounds.

    We were outside all day yesterday. Yesterday I got in 2 walks one in the afternoon with the kids. I put them both in the wagon. It was the first time DS was in the wagon. Usually I put him in the stroller and DD in the wagon. He is 15 months so I wasn't exactly sure he would sit still and stay sitting for the entire walk. He did awesome. Sat the entire time and loved looking around. So on that walk I was pulling between 50 and 60 pounds behind me with the combination of the kids plus the wagon. Then my girlfriend and I walked last night.

    I have leftover bean medley for today and took out turkey burgers and there is a chicken breast leftover from last night as well.

    Going to be nice here again today so I will get the play room picked up this morning then outside for the rest of the day. Go for another walk with the kids and then my girlfriend will walk again tonight I am sure. No yoga tonight....teacher is going to be out of town.

    RW-I love being outside and walking too. It is great that you got the whole family out for some fresh air and exercise

    Bridget-so glad you had a great time on your date. It is nice to get our and spend some time alone and you went to a place with core choices...bonus!!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a Super Sunny OP core day

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    Default Re: Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

    Running, jogging, pulling heavy wagons, extra time outside wtg Core buddies!

    Spring, sun and fresh air is certainly upping the activity being reported.

    I am back to my WW goal weight and am closing in on three years of maintenance this June. I really need to get one of those t-shirts that Joanne on the 100+ sells that says *results not typical

    I work two days a week but seem go, go, go on my days off. Today I spent 30 minutes with a little boy at DS's school helping him with some movement exercises the Special Ed teacher prescribed. Then I ran home to let the tile guy in to tile the bathtub area (no more peeling paint) .

    Then I mixed food colouring with glue and poured it back in the bottle and dropped little blobs on card stock alphabet letters which will dry into little bumps for DS to feel while he says the sounds.

    Then I cleaned the kitchen counter, wiped fingerprints off the walls on the stairwell.

    Then stopped by the Internet to say hi here.

    Next, I pick up DS at lunch hour to take him for his reading tutor appointment and then back to school.

    Pick him up at 3:15 and to a private karate lesson, out for dinner, then back for a regular karate lesson and finally home at 7:30!!

    Oh, and I can't go to bed early because DD is at a dance and I have to stay up to see her afterwards so she can tell me all about it. Phew!
    Day off? hmmmphh!

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    Wow! You guys are doing great and a busy bunch!!

    My depo today doesn't start until noon, so I was able to make it to the gym this morning. It felt great since I hadn't been there since Monday.

    I made bourbon chicken last night and it was AWESOME!!!!!

    I have some left over brown rice and broccoli so I will have that for lunch with some turkey before I go to work today.

    We got some snow yesterday, but not much. I plan to take a nice long walk with my babies (pugs) this afternoon after work.

    I'm thinnking of making that shrimp and green bean stir fry I saw in a WW cookbook tonight.

    Have a wonderfuly day! I'm so glad I found you guys!!

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    Hello all you CORE buddies! :O)

    I had WI this morning. down 1.8 pounds YEAH!

    This CORE lifestyle is reall settling in to be MY lifestyle. I enjoy the food, and the idea I'm giving myself good fuel fo rthe other things I do in my life.

    Todays exercise is 45 min on Elliptical. I am going to try the Spaghetti Pizza from the recipe board for dinner tonight. Oh and I made Oatmeal granola with Vanilla DV and 2 teaspoons of coccut flavoring....YUMMY!

    RW2L: I remember times like that....I love family fun combined with exercise!

    Bridget: Sounds like fun with DH. Its GREAT when people notice the changes we are making,

    Julie: Looks like spring fever is alive! :O)

    Soda: I'm exhauster just READING your post! Way to go on keeping moving!

    Jodi: Hm, Bourbon chicken sounds good, its on my list of things to try...
    Starting Weight: 190
    WWW Goal: 150
    New starting weight(2-21-08): 186.4
    Starting agian: (6-15-09): 154

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    Mary, it was great. It tasted like sesame chicken to me. I used splenda brown sugar blend. I didn't even know that existed!!

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    Default Re: Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

    Whew!, you people are making me tired just reading your activities. I have not been posting on the daily as regularly as I had before. I have been busy cleaning our 4 drawer file, organizing it and filing new stuff and also cleaning out the downstairs bedroom. I am not done but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Until our parents were needing more care I cleaned the file out once a year but have not done that for a number of years. I would start and we would have an emergency with one of our aging parents so never got it done. Now that all four of them are deceased I am working on it and will keep it up. Eventually I will get all our bookcases, closets etc. cleaned out and get rid of stuff so our daughters will not have as much of our stuff to go through someday.

    I have maintained for the last 2 weeks. I have gotten back to exercising so I hope I will show a lost next Tues. I had better go so I can get my exercising in.
    Judy S.
    Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. ~Walter Elliott

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    Default Re: Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

    You'll be hearing more from me here! I bit the bullet and went to a meeting today. I'm over goal and heartily sick of it. I know what to do and am prepared to do it. I've had several false starts getting back in the groove, and I believe the added motivation of an external weigh-in will do the trick, as it has for me in the past.
    "Hunger is the best sauce"
    my Mom

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    Default Re: Core Daily~Thursday~Apr.17th

    good for you
    Glad to see you back on board.

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    wow, you make planning your meals for the day sound so simple! I love the opportunity to learn from all of you. Thanks.

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