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Thread: What whole (new) grain that you've tried lately?

  1. Default What whole (new) grain that you've tried lately?

    In my quest to invent new recipes, I went to the local bulk barn and bought a new (for me) grains. I never cooked barley at home so I bought some pearl barley. I was looking for hulled barley that's supposed to be 30% more protein but couldn't find it. I also bought quinoa and millet. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. With barley I followed a couscous recipe and everyone liked it.

    So have you discovered a new whole grain lately? What did you do with it?
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    I love to use pearl barley in soups. It thickens them really nicely.

    I have been eating bulgar wheat again, which I only eat regularly when I am on Core. I read about how they use it in soups also in the middle east, so I threw a Tbsp into a little brothy chickpea soup I was making with a tomato base. It was quite nice, and made it a little heartier.

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