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Thread: cake made with pumpkin

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    Question cake made with pumpkin

    At the WW meetings they have talked about cake mix made with just pumpkin and nothing else. Has anyone tried this?

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    I first heard about it as "muffins" and they were 1 point. Women at the meetings were saying they eat 4-5 of them throughout the day as snacks. After trying the calculations several times, it seemed to me the muffins were really just slightly under 4 points (rounding would make them 4 points) the way the meeting suggested to make them. Even so, I decided to give them a try. They are very heavy/tough tasting, not similar to the way a cake rises. Definitely more on the line of a muffin texture. Other than upping the fiber to bring down the points by 1 point, you are only saving a few calories (very minimal calories at that).

    So, if you really want cake, have cake made the regular way. If you are looking to save not quite 1 point for a snack, try it. But always check the calculations, these are not 1 point! You can make them a point by dividing the pumpkin batter into something like 40-48 portions but if you divide the cake batter into the same number of portions it still worked out to the same number of points. And think about it, dividing 1 box of cake mix into 48 portions doesn't make a very big muffin. At least making it as the box directs, gives you a bigger visual portion once it bakes (especially if you whip the egg whites before adding to the mix).
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    i think when they were made as muffins, they used the itty bitty mini muffin papers. i make this all the time, but in a 9 X 13 pan. I have found that if you also use 1/2 cup of water the cake rises better. Of course you should check your pts. calculator w/ the specific cake mix, but mine averages 3 points for 1/12 of the cake or 2 points for 1/15 of the cake. Your brand may differ. Remember... this doesn't include your topping!

    I like this alot.

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    Hi I just handed out this recipe at my WW meeting today. I love this recipe. It is so easy and it taste great! Very moist (which is what the ladies said in my meeting [I took one to share]). I make 18 cupcakes and the totals are 2 points. If doing a cake it is 3 pts.

    Some people add an egg white and 1/4 cup of water. I've done it both ways and both are good. I live at a very high altitude and these set up very nicely. I freeze them individually and wrap them to have on hand for guests and of course for when I need a cake fix!

    Try it, I think you will like it.
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