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    56spring08 Guest

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    Nice to be! After joining in Sept 07 I decided to do something about the extra weight. At 5 8' 216pds it was time.

    The first month and a half went well but with the big holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter around the corner it was nothing less than murders row. Not to mention 4 family B-days and being from a large Italian family that lives to eat with every meal being the last supper does not help. I found myself in rough waters fast and my boat was sunk. The captain always goes down with his ship and this was the perfect storm!

    Ok, 6 mo later the big holidays are over and its all about the pool weather.
    The weight climbed to 222pds so to reach the goal of 160 pds and 7% to 9% body fast my work is cut out. There is no better time to start than NOW.

    On the positive side I managed to keep going to the gym over the past 6 months so the damage was not too bad. The goal to lose 58 pds is now 62 pds it still in reach but ITS DO TIME I will try to post pics once every few weeks w/ results...
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    BlzMaxGnrCCJkMly Guest

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    welcome back

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    56spring08 Guest

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    Thanx! Your doing great as well...

    For me its been a whole lot easier consuming 1,500 calories..slower but easier

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    Shannon140 Guest

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    yay WB!! Im sure ull do great!!

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    56spring08 Guest

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    Well, thank you! Ill be posting another pic on here soon. Helps to keep ya motivated when you see yourself losing the pounds

    I may lose a few battles here and there but not the

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