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Thread: Slim-Fast as Snack Replacement

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    I've been drinking Slim-Fast as a mid-day snack replacement (as opposed to candy bars). I figure that it contains less points and some nutritional value, plus I satisfy my chocolate craving. What does everyone think about Slim-Fast? I know it's high in sugar, but better than the alternative at 3pm.

    A bit of an issue I've been having with Slim-Fast is a feeling of bloating... anyone else?

    Your opinions would mean a lot!
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    Hi! I would suggest getting the Optima kind of Slim Fast but also if you want a lesser points value chocolate filling with a shake try the WW shakes. They are pretty good. I do like Slim Fast better but 3 compared to 1 is better!

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    I personally stay away from anything like Slim-Fast. Have you tried snacking on a piece of fruit or a granola bar? If you attend meetings, have you tried the WW 2 pt. bars? They satisfy my chocolate craving.

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    Since Slim Fast is meant to replace a whole meal I wouldn't think it would make a great choice as a snack replacement - too much whatever is in it! How about some NF cocoa or chocolate milk made with those moo packets (whatever they're called?!) or a low fat syrup...

    I love the fiber 1 bars too - they'd make a good candy bar substitute! The Chocolate and Caramel ones are 2 points, the PB are 3. The PB & Caramel ones are my faves. The WW bars are personally not my favorite - too small and not a lot of delicious flavor, but that's just me because I know a lot of people love them. The 60-calorie (I think) pudding cups are awsome too - or a skinny cow or WW fudge bar - but those don't really have a lot of nutrition, just delightful chocolate goodness!

    Does Slim Fast have a lot of fiber? That'd be the bloating - same with Fiber 1 bars, don't eat more than 1! Gas-X strips are wonderful - they're like a breath strip, melt in your mouth quickly and have a nice minty taste - very discrete and not chalky like other stuff.

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    Hungry girl just recommended Zoic - it has 21 grams of protein and its only 2 points. I tried it yesterday and it was good.
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with choosing a Slim Fast for a snack. Check the label for any aritifical sugars, for some people they can lead to a bit of an upset stomach. Most things are okay with me but I don't eat too much malitol. That seems to be in a lot of "sugar free" foods.
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    Once in a while I will blend a chocolate slim fast with some ice or a frozen banana in the blender. It makes a good snack, but I do suffer from bloat when I have one (along with other, um...unpleasant side effects !)

    Was that TMI?
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions everybody! I think I'll try the WW chocolate shake, to start. I also got a chance to try the new WW chocolate fudge bars at last week's meeting. I had one, which was AMAzing (1 point), so I'll wait to buy those when they come out.

    Trisha - I realized that I couldn't drink a Slim-Fast and workout directly afterwards, as I was afraid of what... might... happen... (talk about TMI!!)
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