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    I started WeightWatchers on May 2, 2006 weighing in at 352.2 pounds. On a number of occasions I had attempted to donate blood only to find that they could not locate a vein. I'd come out of each experience black and blue on both arms but entirely unsuccessful.

    Last week I weighed in at 182.8 pounds for a total weight loss of 169.4 pounds. I also went with my wife to Life Source and gave blood for the first time in many decades. You have no idea how good that felt ...

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    I do have an idea.
    I used to have the hardest time donating, now they love me!
    Congratulations! and thank you for donating.
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    To you as well!

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    That is awesome!!

    Success is not a race, be patient.

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    That's great!! I've always wanted to donate blood. I tried to a few weeks ago, but I had a panic attack when they were about to ***** (not entirely sure why that's blocked... "stick the needle in") my finger. I really don't like pain... or blood.


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    p rick is blocked.. lol..

    Congrats on such a wonderful NSV. Giving blood is a wonderful thing that not nearly enough people do.

    Jackie ~SW: 160/CW:155/GW: 130

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    Congratulations on your weight loss and for giving blood!!

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    Congrats! On your Weight Loss and Donating Blood that's such a Good Cause

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    Congratulations... On both the weight loss and the successful blood draw. I try to donate whenever the blood mobile is at work. They come around every 9 weeks or so. Since dieting, a few times my Hgb. and Hct. were too low and they turned me down, but usually there is no problem. I'm O+, so they're always happy to get my blood, and in return for every 2 pints I get a $10 gift card to any of the Darden restaurants, and sometimes a T-shirt. I always turn down the juice and cookies and opt for bottled water. It's important to replace the fluids, but you don't need the sugar. I've also been able to work out on days I've given blood, so that's never been a problem either.

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    Not half enough people give blood, and it's so badly needed. I haven't donated in a while because I've been getting vaccinations/on antibiotics/run down during exams. Whenever they come I seem to have some excuse but I do donate whenever they are here and I'm eligible. Must try donating right before a meeting...see if it makes a big difference
    - Rach

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    They don't want blood from some of us. After living in Germany in the late 80s/early 90s, then in Turkey from 2002-2004, they won't take my blood.

    I'm willing to give, but nobody is willing to take.

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    I have the same problem as a Brit living in Canada. Hema Quebec seem to think all Brits have mad cow disease - I might be crazy (my friends would say I am!) - but I don't eat beef & haven't done for a long time!

    I am scared of needles (and I used to be a nurse!) but I would do this if I could.


    Well done on the weight loss & your achievemnt with donating blood. It's amazing how many things are affected by your weight - it's good to recognise all the chnages you can make now to encourage you to keep up the new lifestyle.


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