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    yumms i just made such a delicious shake, that i am not even half way done but i am on this site to report it lol.

    pour all this into a blender, and whip it for about 3 seconds. my blender is fast, any more than that and its too liquidy


    1/3 cup of milk
    one whole banana, cut it into two pieces
    1/3 cup of fruit juice ( i used diet splash v8 fruit fusion today)
    3 splenda packets
    1 tbsp of ff cool whip

    makes one tall glass

    i counted.. 1 point for the milk, 2 points for banana, 0 for the juice,splenda,cool whip

    =it tastes amazing. sorta like a pina colada. next time i am going to add in more juice.

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    That sounds yummy. As it gets hotter outside I find myself wanting ice cream and such, so this will be great! Thanks!

    Start Date 4-27-10

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    How about using Stevia instead of Splenda?

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    Default Re: 3 point fruit shake

    I make a smoothie with frozen fruit, 2-3 oz of original unsweetened almond milk and about 2 oz of the 50 cal orange juice. Everything in it is 0 points and very sweet/filling!

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