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Thread: cooking couscous in a crockpot??

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    Default cooking couscous in a crockpot??

    I really want couscous tonight for dinner with my orange chicken, but i need to figure out how to cook it in a mini crockpot (it automaticly goes on a medium setting). i can't find it anywhere online, and i have NO idea about the times, water ratio, setting blah blah blah.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: cooking couscous in a crockpot??

    Couscous literally cooks in two minutes. I wouldn't even try to put it in the crock pot. It would get nasty. I made some last night.. boil the water, toss in the couscous, turn off the heat, let stand five minutes, fluff with a fork. eat it!

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    Default Re: cooking couscous in a crockpot??

    I agree, cook the couscous in a separate pan on the stove while you're getting the chicken, etc. ready to serve.

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