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Thread: Starchy Vegetables Don't Count???

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    Do starchy vegetables not count towards the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in the Good Health Guidelines? The reason I ask is that I saw that comment on another thread. Also one of my fellow meeting members keeps telling people that their starchy vege's don't count towards the Good health guidelines. Did I miss that rule somewhere? I have been doing this for 18 months and I have always counted any vegetable towards meeting that guideline. I don't want to pass on bad information to others. I wanted to ask our leader but my friend is always right there and I don't want it to seem I am trying to prove her wrong. I just want the correct information.

    Maybe this is an old WW program rule? My friend has tried the program through several variations so maybe it is a carryover?

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    According to my Leaders, starchy vegetables DO count towards your 5 fruits & veggies. And so do vegetable proteins such as beans and tofu. You also have to count the Points (if you're doing Flex), just as you count the Points for fruit.

    My Leaders have been telling me this since 1-2-3 Success (the very first version of the Points system), so it's not new.

    Personally I don't count corn, since corn is a grain when used as cornmeal, but many people will count sweet corn, sometimes even popcorn (though I think that's a stretch).

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    Thank you for the response Nancy. I am going to try to get my leader's email address to ask if she will clarify it in the meeting.
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