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    I was on the Outback website yesterday looking for nutritional information and they have a whole section on what to order if you're trying to eat healthy - and how to special order it! Like order the such and such without butter and glaze. I thought it was really helpful! They really advertise that special ordering is fine and dandy with them...

    wish every website could be so helpful!!

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    Thanks for sharing. I know that Outback isn't exactly the most healthy restaurant, but it's nice to seem them putting in an effort to educate their customers on healthy choices.

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    Thanks for the information. I have an Outback about a mile away but always avoided it. I also looked on Ruby Tuesday website today and I think it offers more NI than in the past. It makes everything so much easier.

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    Outback is my husband's favorite restaurant so I had to find a way to make it work and what I do is this...and believe me it takes willpower, but believe it or not it really is second nature to me now...I'll tell you exactly word for word what I tell the waitress.

    I order the Grilled Chicken and Swiss Sandwich plain with nothing on it at cheese, no bacon, nothing...then I tell her I do NOT want the chicken dipped in butter or any seasonings, I just want it grilled. For the side, I order the steamed broccoli with no butter sauce. I drink ice water. I charge usually 4 to 5 points for the chicken depending on the size. I usually don't eat a piece of bread but if I do, I try to estimate the points and charge them accordingly. I always feel so proud of myself when I walk out.

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    Wow! Now if more restaurants would get this attitude adjustment.

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