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Thread: 15lbs down!

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    tasha_c Guest

    Default 15lbs down!

    This Monday will mark my 7th week on weight watchers. I honestly didn't realize how much of a difference 15lbs makes!

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    Wow! Looking great!
    You're right-- 15 pounds does make a difference!

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    Default Re: 15lbs down!

    Yes, 15 pounds sure can make a difference. Good job, you are off to a great start!
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    Wow...15 pounds doesnt seem like that much, but it really is isnt it

    you look so nice.
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    Tasha, you have a really beautiful smile. Well done on your loss and keep up the good work.

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    WOW! Just look at you! 15 pounds does make a real BIG difference!!

    You are doing great!
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  7. Default Re: 15lbs down! weeks and 15 lbs huh?! And you look great too!

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    Wow! Thats a great weight loss in itself, and you are looking fab!! I have also lost (almost) 15lbs in 5 weeks and I need to take a pic of myself to see if I can see a difference too. LOL Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work.


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    thanks for the great words everyone! these two pics really show the difference of 15lbs as I'm sort of posing the same way in both pics.

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    march 1, 2008:

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    15 pounds is a good amount of weight loss indeed! Just try to pick up something that weighs 15 pounds and see what that feels like.

    Oh Yes! Your loss is definately noticable! Without Question! Keep it up! You are looking awesome!!

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    What an amazing difference!
    Time for a new work ID!
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