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    Hello all!
    We eat brown rice almost every night with dinner. Anyone have any great ways to spice it up without adding too many points? After awhile, it gets boring!
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    Great question!

    I don't have any ideas, but I would also love suggestions if anyone has them
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    Well tonight I sauted mushrooms, asparagus, purple onion and then fried bulgar (I use like rice) with 2 tsp. olive oil and it was yummy. I sprinkled cajun seasoning on with a bit of parm. cheese. It was a meal.


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    Simplest and best I know: Cook your brown rice in chicken broth, and when it's almost done, drain a can of water chestnuts and throw them in. I usually use a brown rice and wild rice mixture--available at Costco and Sam's club in big jars. It's easy, looks nice on the plate, and it tastes good. It's core, too.
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    While brown rice is healthy, having it every night seems rather boring. How about trying some new things, like Israeli Couscous, Quinoa, Bulghar Wheat, lentils...there are so many interesting grains out there that are perfect protein and very tasty. They can all be served hot and in summer I make wonderful salads with them.

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    This isn't a rice recipe- but a great alternative. the other night I made a box of Tabbouleh (sp?) mix without added fat, and then while that sat to absorb the water, I stir fried (in pam)some thinly sliced zucchini, red onion, and artichoke hearts, mixed it all together, and added a chopped tomato, some fresh lemon juice and a clove of minced garlic. It was so good. With the mix I used, it calculated out to be 1 point per cup- and made about 8 cups. But please don't quote me on that- use your ww materials!

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    Here's a rice seasoning mix I found on the net, I haven't used it yet.

    Homemade Rice Seasoning

    3/4 c. chicken bouillon powder
    1/2 c. Dried parsley
    1 tbsp. basil
    1 tbsp. dill weed
    2 tbsp onion flakes
    1 tsp seasoning salt
    2 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp lemon pepper seasoning

    Mix together and store in an airtight container. Combine 1 cup rice to 2 cups water and 3 tbsps of seasoning. Bring water to a boil and rice seasoning. Reduce to simmer. Follow rice directions.

    Hope this helps.


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