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    does anyone know how many points the costco muffins are?? The ones i like have chocolate chips inside w/ icing on top...(I dont know what kind but not the blueberry, chocolate or corn muffins)

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    Not sure if these are the ones you're referring to or not, but sounds like they should be left at Costo! 690 calories, 38g fat, 3g fiber = 16 points for 1 muffin!

    You can find a whole host of Costco foods listed at
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    Great link, Lisa. Thanks for posting it.

    I'll be using that one in the future, for sure.
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    I am going to mention the points & site at my next meeting. Two weeks ago they were talking about how the smoothie is only 1 or 2 points. There was one group that said it was 1 point (and conceded that it may be 1.5 points) and another group said that it was 2 points. Clearly all were wrong because it is 6 points (rounded). That is an extra 5 points. The 1 point group had 2 women who go every day after their walk during their lunch hour. That would be an extra 25 points a week that they aren't counting!

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    Back when I started WW, the costco food court had a sheet w/ calories of certain items. It said that a berry sundae was 200 calories (410 calorie king), and I think that vanilla yogurt was the same (270 calorie king). Wow, what a difference.

    I used to ask that they charge me for the whole thing, but just give me 1/2 - thank goodness because I guess that I was taking in about twice as many calories as Costco told me.

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    Someone might want to check, but I believe as far as Costco muffins.......1/2 muffin is a serving on the nutrition label.

    We always have to look and look again, don't we?


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    Costco Muffins are SCARY! Here's the breakdown:

    Almond Poppy Muffin (670 cal, 38 g fat, 2g fiber) 16.5
    Blueberry Muffin (610 cal/32 g fat/2 g fiber) 14.5 Chocolate Muffin (690 cal, 38 g fat, 3 g fiber) 16.5
    Maple Muffin (920 cal, 41 g fat, 5 g fiber) 21 (21.5)
    Orange Cranberry Muffin (690 cal, 38 g fat, 3 g fiber) 16.5 (yes, same as the chocolate)

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