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    I've been lurking around here since late October when I joined WW. I love this site, it's been so helpful. So my question is concerning soluble and insoluble fiber. I been purchasing Kashi Go Lean bars and on the nutrition facts it's listed as total fiber 6g, soluble fiber 1g, insoluble fiber 5g. Which fiber number do I calculate point totals with? It only makes a difference of one point per bar but when you only have 21 points to play with during the course of a day that one point is a big deal. (at least it is to me )

    This is the only product I've found so far that has fiber broken down into different categories but it'd be good information to have for future reference. Any help would be appreciated and Thanks in advance

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    I use the total fiber amount. Kashi likes to break it down so you see how much of each kind you're getting.
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    I agree, it is the total fiber number you use. I've seen it broken down on some other products, but I don't believe it matters where WW points is concerned. And I agree - that one point is a big deal - I get about the same number of points per day that you do!

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    Yes, you use the total fiber number. But also remember that you can only count up to 4g. fiber per serving towards your Points, not 6, because of the fiber cap. (Still beats counting 1 though).

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