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    Today I went to a place where there were no chain restaurants...just a deli and decided to have a turkey wrap. I got it without cheese and w/o just had the wrap, turkey, salad, tomato slice and mustard. How many points do you think it was? It was pretty big!!!

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    4223 points. Sorry, couldn't resist. Honestly, you are the best person to estimate the points since you are the person who ate the wrap. If the restaurant doesn't provide the ni for you, you have a couple of ways to estimate. You can look for similar items from a restaurant that does provide ni, or you can break the item down by its ingredients, find the points for each ingredient, and estimate that way. Since you had the wrap you're in the bet position to estimate how much of each ingredient was in it, how big (and what kind) the wrap was. Since there are so many restaurants that do not provide ni, it's good to learn how to estimate the points yourself.

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    Thanks...I did try doing that...I guess thats the best I can do for today...

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