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Thread: extra compartments in containers?

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    Default extra compartments in containers?


    i absolutely love salad bars, and i normally just fill up on those and water rather than getting a meal at the restaurant. i like how everything is already cut and prepared for you and it all looks so tempting.

    i will take lettuce with tomatoes, fat free dressing, cottage cheese, chickpeas, and a tiny sprinkle of feta cheese, with various vegetables.

    i try to eat salad atleast daily but it turns out to be more every other day. i have all of my food precut and arranged in little food storage containers so i dont have to prepare the food on a daily basis.

    but the thing is, now this is going to sound SO LAZY, but, i end up being so lazy to take out all the different ingredients out of the fridge, and then opening them up, and using about a million different spoons, so i barely ever eat anything except lettuce and a tiny bit of tomatoes.

    i am just wondering.. if its possible to find a food storage source, that is like a salad bar??

    like maybe different compartments , so i can store my diced up tomatoes along with my diced green peppers, and some cottage cheese, without mixing? so i can just pull out that one container and open it up and its like i have a variety of choices!

    or maybe even many bowls attached together, and i can just saran wrap them for a day or two.

    has anyone heard of this, or am i absurd?

    right now,i have a container of prewashed/shredded lettuce, a container of diced tomatoes and gree peppers, and a container of cottage cheese, fat free cheese in a ziplock bag , and a can of chickpeas that i refuse to open, because i know that i will enjoy them for one salad and forget about them after that.

    i know i am being slightly lazy but honestly, i will use this all up for a week at most, and then just sort of act like, im fine with just eating plain lettuce. i know that going to a salad bar at a restaurant gets many veggie haters to be surprised, just becuas tehres so much color and variety its like a healthy buffet. i just think i need my food to look fun in ordre for me to indulge in such healthy ideas.

    let me know-much thanks in advance.

  2. Smile Re: extra compartments in containers?

    I can so relate to what you have posted! Getting all those containers out is - boring, troublesome, time-consuming (see, I'm lazy in the same way you are

    Sometimes in the past I have used one of the sectioned containers like you would put on the table with the different sections filled with fruit or raw veggies, with a section in the center for dip. I have a large round one with a tight-fitting lid - I need to get that thing out and fill it full of the salad stuff I like.

    I had not thought of doing this recently - I'm glad you brought it up.

    I think I have also noticed some sectioned containers where you buy the Rubbermaid, etc brand fridge and freezer containers - not sure there is one with enough sections to really work well, though.

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    Default Re: extra compartments in containers?

    thanks for replying!

    im so glad you dont think im ocd. lol. actually once i wrote this post i spent about an hour looking it up on google. and tupperware has this one out, its like a big bowl and its lid has four sections in it. and then it has two tiny bowls that clip onto the big bowl. so if you lay that out its 7 sections!!
    i was about to order this hweni realized, that i most likely wont finish the bowls off in one sitting, so i can't put the lid back on the big bowl. i could techinically put saran wrap on it though. but its a 35 price, which i think is ridiculous. but has it for 17 , used. fyi.

    if you go onto and search sectional dividers they have many many options. i realized that what i am asking for is thos ones to put out diff appetizers, and its not that hard to find.

    i just hope that saran wrapping this, fr about 5 days worth is okay:S

    i just think that we all need to lose weight and see food in a different light. the reason we eat the salad and the fruit at restaurants so eagerly is because of the presentation. if we just stick a skewer in cut up pineapples, or sautee our vegetables and arrage them beautifully , we will want to eat them.

    my friends think i am so spoiled , being so particular about what dressing i buy, and exactly what salad bowl i use. but if it doesnt look yummy, i wont eat all of it. and i will opt for the 400 calorie yummy looking burger instead.

    htey have great sectionals for fruit in the fruit aisles at grocery stores. its precut watermelons or cantalopes and pineapples. but they are at an expensive price.

    but the way i am starting to think of it is, if i dont spend the 20 on that fruit tray, i will spend that 20 on a few different types of low point snacks or meals. and i mean, they are healthy as well, but what is better? right.

    for those with kids, i highly stress arranging your food like a buffet style, esp the veggies and fruit. kids go nuts, and you are happy they are eating it.
    my mom cuts up apples and pears and puts toothpicks through them, and weirdly enough, we choose to eat them.

    what i do for myself is just cut up my fruit, and leave it near me. and before my half hour of studying is done, so is the fruit! because its at easy access, i am scared of it spoiling , etc.

  4. Smile Re: extra compartments in containers?

    I agree with everything you say! We think a lot alike

    On storing/spoilage - I've noticed how much colder the top shelf of my fridge is than other shelves - in fact, I've had a few things get ice crystals there. Figure out just where you can put your salad stuff that it will stay coldest (without freezing) and I think up to 6 days or so will be fine for most things.

    I've also decided that the extra cost for some fruits, out of season vegetables (like red bell peppers) is not that bad, since I spend just about zero on junk. My DH will sometimes complain about the cost of fresh fruit, then buy something like potato chips - I just roll my eyes!

    I nearly always have a container of raw baby carrots in the fridge - I wash them and put them into a clear quart container with a paper towel in the bottom. The towel absorbs the extra moisture, and I can grab clean, dry carrots anytime. For some reason, I don't like them dripping wet like they come in the bags, prewashed.

    WW Goal: 136
    Below WW Goal since Dec. 2006
    Personal Goal: 118-123
    CW: 120.0 (11/18/08)
    BMI: 21.8

    "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."
    Wayne Dyer

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    starbrite Guest

    Default Re: extra compartments in containers?

    crystal rose-we def think alot alike. i hate wet carrots they are so gross. and i do the same thing lol. you can save money and just buy a big bag of carrots ofcourse and cut your own.
    give some dip to kids and they will eat it easily.

    another fancy easy idea is.. at ikea they have these star shaped and heart shaped ice trays for 2 dollars. use them in your next protein shake or healthy smoothie, and im sure your kids will drink them.

    i finally got this gorgeous dinner tray from . its got four huge compartments, and i have all my precut tomatoes/bell peppers/ onions and carrots in there. and i got this thing where its three bowls attached , and i use it for my cheese, chick peas, and corn. and i haul it out every day with lettuce and i eat alot of it. and because im paranoid about it expiring and i wasting my money , i just tell myself the tray has to be done by four days.

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