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Thread: Need a recipe with apples ASAP

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    I bought a big bag of red delicious apples from CostCo, big mistake! The skin is leathery and the apples are mealy. I need a recipe to make something from this, fast!! I'll bake something and take it to work and share it with my coworkers and spread the joy. It would be wonderful if someone can suggest a recipe. Thanks.
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    Here's one you could try from weight watchers:

    Apple Pear Crisp

    Of course, you're using a different apple, but I'm sure that's fine.
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    Applesauce? Or the core apple crisp (adjusted for many apples)? (If you want to share, use 1 Tbsp. brown sugar mixed with enough water to make 2 Tbsp., it adds 1 point per serving.)

    Core apple crisp

    I don't buy red delicious apples. They're pretty, but they were bred to be beautiful and shippable. Not for taste or texture.

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    my first thought was applebutter! then I noticed the post date so what did you make?
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