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    This has always confused me, but I'm not sure how to calculate something.

    I'm planning my menu for today and plan on eating a piece of baked cod from Long John Silvers. The points value comes up to being 3 (120 cal/4.5 g fat/0 g fiber) but how do you calculate if I would eat 2 of them? I can't remember if you would double the calories and the fat? Or, just double the calories and leave the fat alone?

    Or, lets say there was even 1 gram of fiber, would you double that?


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    Yes, simply, double the numbers.

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    Even the fiber? (If fiber was more than 0 in this case).

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    You double the calories and fat, but you cap the fiber at 4. That's why a serving from a can of soup might be zero or one, but two servings could jump to 3 - because the fiber has to be capped at four.

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