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Thread: Question about Points?

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    Default Question about Points?

    I'm new first of all! So HEY!

    Secondly - I was wondering if anyone knew the point count of those No Sugar Added Fudgsicles the ones that are in the yellow box (so blanking on the brand name).

    I tryed to search it on my WW page but can't seem to find it.


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    The absolute best way to figure Points is to use the nutrition information on the box if you have it. Unfortunately I don't know anything about that product.

    All of the web sites may be outdated. If the vendor changes the formula, they will update the packaging and it may be a while before the web sites catch up. The same is true of restaurants. Dottis may not keep up with the Points of restaurant foods, but she usually DOES provide a link to the restaurant's web site so you can double check.

    Also you have to understand that if a product is listed by brand on the WW sites, then the manufacturer paid for the privilege. For everything else, you have to use your Points finder or Points calculator or whatever you get with WW Online. If you go to meetings, you get a cardboard slider you can carry with you for figuring Points.

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    Thanks Nancy!
    The cardboard slider is a good idea. I'll figure it out!

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    Hey hun...the SF FF bars are 2 bars for 1 pt! =) HTH!
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