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    I bought some salsa and saw it is very low in points but with what should I eat it (except nachos of course!)?

    Any ideas? How do you use your salsa?

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    Salsa is your FRIEND!!!

    I love it on a baked potato.. use it to top grilled chicken or fish. Some people like it with their eggs.. stir it into a chili or pasta dish. You could add some pineapple and make it a bit fruity for a chicken topper.. or even a great veggie dip!

    There's a salsa chicken somewhere on this board.. many LOVE it.. iv'e just yet to try it out

    Enjoy your salsa.. and remember.. it does count as a fruit/veggie serving!
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    it makes a great 0 point salad dressing also.

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    I love to use salsa on my tuna instead of mayo. Toast the bread also and it is delicious. I put it in my eggbeaters, and I have put it on baked potato also. Try some different things and post if they are good
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    For a no or low point snack I cut up cucumbers with my wavy cutter and use them as 'chips'. I make my own salsa which is awesome. I can pig out on it this way and feel NO guilt !
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