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    I've been in the habit of substituting ground turkey for beef because that is what the WW leader said to do. I never questioned it. Today, I actually had time to look at labels. The turkey burgers had more fat and calories than the same size beef burgers. I was shocked. So I continued looking at different brands and made sure I was comparing the oz for each. Only one brand of ground turkey (not formed in patties) had a lower calorie fat content than the beef. I also compared ground chicken and ground pork. The chicken was the worst nutritionally. So why should we switch to turkey?

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    We don't like ground turkey so I always use 7% fat beef - unless I can find 4%.

    I've noticed the same thing with restaurant points. You'd think you were doing really well getting a turkey burger instead of a beef one but the points are almost identical.
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    If you just get "ground turkey" many times it includes dark meat and skin and junk. Ground White Meat Turkey or Ground Turkey Breast will be lower in fat and calories than most ground beef. However I'm able to find 96% lean ground beef which is very close to ground turkey breast. It really does pay to read labels and be an informed consumer.
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    I would just say stick with the one you like better. Jennie O makes turkey that says "lean" but really isn't. You have to get "extra lean" or "breast". I eat beef just because it's easier to find on sale. The 96% ground beef chubs are the best points-wise - something like 3 pts/4 oz. I had to hunt in a few stores, first. Trader Joe's carries Laura's ground beef, which is 95%.
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    I definately pays to read the labels...only the "extra lean" turkey is low in fat, and the ground turkey breast is best. Buying the cheap frozen stuff in a tube is NOT healthy!
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    Buying ground turkey is just like buying ground beef - the cheaper it is the more fat and junk it has in it.
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    I'm switching back to beef. I was using Laura's and it is still fewer points than the extra lean turkey I was using. My boys will be sooooo happy!

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    Krogers also carries Laura's lean gr beef.Personally, I buy at least 90% lean...but I drain & blot with paper towels,all gr beef, before using in a recipe.
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    Default Re: Turkey vs. Beef--Grind your own

    I make my own ground turkey and beef. I do ww core. Core limits store bought ground meat to one serving per day, so this allows me to have as many servings of ground meat as I want. ALso, by grounding your own meat, it lets you be absolutely sure that you are getting lean meat with out fillers or additives etc. I think it is even cheaper for the quality you are getting. I don't have a fancy mechanism for grinding. I use my ultimate chopper. It is small so I may have to do batches at a time if I am doing a few pounds of meat. But, any chooper will do or a blender on grind or mince. I feel that I am getting the freshest meat this way and some really good burgers turkey or chicken breasts, filet mignon etc.

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