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Thread: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

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    Thumbs down Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    We were very dissappointed! I had a VERY bad experience! I got the steak and portobello 7pts, and my bf got the confetti chicken. My food tasted like a bad frozen dinner, and there was a sauce on my broccoli that was just awful. The potatoes were awful, brocc was awful, steak was bad...anyway you get the point!The mushrooms were the only thing on the plate that was edible. I am NOT a picky eater, and have never left a resteraunt without eating at least some of my dinner before. Ever. This was a first.

    The confetti chicken was also not a hit!

    Lesson learned, we really felt like we had "diet food" and left feeling very let down that it was so so bad. It was so bad that we didnt even eat
    more than a bite or two, didnt want to waste points on something so bad!

    Has anyone else tried the ww menu with any success? I will not again thats for sure!

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience! Over here I've tried just about everything on the WW menu from them (except what you had, of course!) and never had a problem. I was very satisfied and thought it was great. Have you had a problem with their non-WW food? Sometimes a particular restaurant is just bad. i WENT TO A fRIDAY'S (oops, caps lock!) in South Dakota one time and tried it twice, different things both times, both terrible. However the Friday's in Bismarck here is very good. I would say if you feel like you are eating "diet food", don't get their WW menu and count accordingly for what you want. Dottie's Weightloss Zone has a lot of point values for a bunch of restaurants, so you can plan your next night out to be easier on your pallet maybe?
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I've had the Confetti Chicken in two different locations and it was wonderful!
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    My wife and I both tried the steak and mushrooms on different occasions and loved them.
    I hope that this is just a one time thing for that particular resturant.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    What a bummer. I've had the shrimp & steak skewers, the chocolate cake and the onion soup from the WW menu. I LOVE the skewers - even before I joined WW they were one of my favorite items. I thought the soup was delicious too. Maybe you just have a bad cook at your Applebee's? That stinks! I've heard the sauce on that steak w/portebello isn't very yummy though...

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I just had the steak and portebellos last night and was satisfied. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. Did you tell the waiter that the food was bad and try to switch to something else?
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    The Lime Tilapia and salad are wonderful.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    It may be the franchise rather than the menu. I have enjoyed the shrimp and steak kabobs, concfetti chicken and tilapia. The broccoli was outstanding and the confetti rice was delicious. Small portions but satisfying. I do tire of rotating a small menu and look for ways to judge how to order just by my own information.
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Well it sounds like your Applebees just sucks.. Still I tried a few items on their menu and am not a fan. The portabella steak was a joke imo. The Steak was tiny and tough.. The broccoli also had that nasty paste junk on it. The tilapia was ok but its not hard to cook a piece of plain fish and toss on rice. My issue is their season veggies are always broccoli and thats it. IF I am looking a chain like that I Always prefer something from chilis off their guiltless platters.. Threir chicken is delicious and they give you more food than Applebees imo.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I like most of the WW choices on the menu, but I must say that the broccoli is disgusting. I kept thinking they were putting butter on it b/c it was so slimy and greasy tasting. Turns out it is some sort of garlic sauce on it. After sending my broccoli back on about 4 visits in a row, my husband finally asked the manager about it and told us what it really was. I now know to order my broccoli dry......

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I have had the confetti chicken before on a couple of occasions, and thought it was pretty good. I have never tried anything else on the WW menu as I can find other restuarants with cheaper prices that are more filling. Just my opinion
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I've had the steak and portebello and loved it. In fact I ate it before I joined WW. Not much of a brocolli eatter though, so I can't comment on how that tasted. Any brocolli pretty much tastes bad to me-lol.
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    The hubby and I love the applebees WW menu. We both just tried the confetti chicken last week and we were both pleased. We always get the soup and then try different entrees. I can see the steak being not so good though. Sorry you had the bad experience.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    That is so funny that I ran across this thread. My husband was going to take me out to Applebees for lunch tomorrow. I decided against it because I do not care for anything on the WW menu and I felt like the other food would be too much of a temptation for me.
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    My first experience with the Applebees WW menu was the Steak and Portobello, and I was not impressed. However, I had the Confetti Chicken last night. SO GOOD! Cannot wait to go back to have it again!

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I have always enjoyed the confetti chicken at the restaurant. However, last night we had to order out (Valentine's Day), because my dh was too sick to go out for dinner. We ordered from Applebee's. The serving was very small, not like at the restaurant. They really skimped on the rice. I have a hard time believing that the portion they gave me was really worth 7 points! I'm going to email Applebee's corporate to express my dissatisfaction.
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    I have to agree with you. I tried 2 different Apple Bee's and had the Confetti Chicken at one, and then the Beef with Portabellos at another and both times it was horrible. It did taste frozen, and I honestly think it was because I cut into the chicken and it was cold in the middle. I will never try a third time that is for sure.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Been there... done that. I have tried the steak and portabello and the cofetti chicken. Both were okay to me. the funny thing is the portion size one time it was bigger than the other. I have areal hard time believing that the kitchen crew is measuring like they should... so....are the dinners REALLY the points they say they are?? I say... go to subway. They did right by Jared!

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Wow - I have to try the confetti chicken now...

    My default is the Italian chicken w/ Porta mushrooms sandwich - that's been pretty good no matter where I go, but I definately agree with the posts that say some AB's stink.

    We used to go to one that was really busy all the time, so we figured they were turning over their food at a good rate - and the food was dry, rubbery, poorly done.

    There's another one that we hit now, and they're never busy...and the food is FAB! I have never had much luck with the skewers, and I agree whatever they put on their broccoli is hideous.

    The sauce on the steak I just can't's so salty it would choke a horse.

    Sorry you had a bad time of it....give it one more try someplace else and see how you do....good luck.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Haven't tried the other items but I quite liked the Lime Tilapia
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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Ive had the shrimp and steak skeweres and loved them! Maybe it was just the cook.

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  22. Cool Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    I refuse to eat at the Applebees in the city where I live. It is just a bad place and not very clean. I have eaten in other cities and it is wonderful.
    So I think your Applebee's is probably run by a lousy manager like the one in Norfolk, VA.

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    I'm thinkin' that it must be the franchise. I've never had a bad WW meal at our Applebees ...I've tried almost everything. The portions are nice sized (huge amounts of steamed broccoli!), and it comes hot and seasoned perfectly! I do think that they charge more than they should for the WW meals ...I'd eat there more if it weren't so expensive.

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    Default Re: Applebees WW menu- not a good experience!

    Ok...we're agreed that some franchises are better/worse than others...the question is, what do you do about it? I learned years ago to (nicely but firmly) tell the server when food is unacceptable and to request that they either replace it or take it back and allow me to change my order to something else. In the more than twenty years I've been doing this, I've never had a problem. One time I ate at a salad buffet and while I was paying, the cashier asked how the meal was. I told her that most of it was just fine but that the cucumbers were "off" and had a very unpleasant taste. Much to my surprise, she cancelled my bill. I told her it wasn't necessary, but she did it anyway.
    My feeling is that a) I'm not paying for poor food and b) restaurants will continue to serve it if they think customers like or will accept it.
    I also sometimes email or call either the owner or--if the restaurant was part of a franchise--the organization that sells the franchises. Sometimes I get responses, sometimes not. long as I'm on this roll...when I get really good service I always let the manager know. I think it's only fair....
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    Robin- That is so true - we all need to speak up if something isn't right or they will think everything is fine. As far as the menu- I love the french onion soup and the chocolate dessert is nice. I haven't really tried anything else. I will sometimes get something off the regular menu and figure the points - usually eating only part of the serving.


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