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Thread: lactose free cheese?

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    Default lactose free cheese?

    yesterday i went to the grocery store and i wanted to make a recipe that included milk. i normally don't buy milk because i am lactose intolerant, but i found one that is 100% lactose free. i had a bowl of cereal with it (my first bowl of cereal in FOREVER!!!) and it actually tasted like milk and didn't upset my stomach AT ALL!! i was so excited!

    so anyway, my only problem now is CHEESE. i LOVE cheese. i don't care how bad i feel after eating it, i always go and do it again just because it is so darn good! does anyone know is there is such thing as lactose free cheese? that would be awesome!!
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    I can't help you on the lactose free cheese. I would like to say that I am terribly lactose intolerant. I had no idea for a couple years. I honestly thought my wife was trying to poison me. Little did I know it was the ice cream after her meals that was causing me terrible pain. I then found out I was lactose intolerant and started taking a lactose enzyme like lactaid. I take 1 or 2 a day; one when ever I eat dairy. Simple enough. This has changed my life. I used to have stomach issues all the time. Now its very very rare and never because of milk unless I forget to take a pill. If you haven't tried that I suggest it. The generics are the same as lactaid I get what ever is cheapest. I used to buy kirkland brand from costco but can't locate it on their site right now. Also the cost of the lactaid generally is offset by being able to buy regular milk instead of lactose free milk its very pricey.

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    There is lactose-free cheese. It's made by Smart Balance. I use to be able to find it in both shreds and slices, but lately haven't seen the shreds in the store. Short of the LF cheese, I suggest trying the Lactaid tablets. My DD is LI and uses the Lactaid tablets with great results.
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    thanks, guys. i have tried the lactaid pills but they didn't seem to be that effective for me. however, acidopholus (sp?) pills help a little bit. i will look for that cheese, too...
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