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    I have two,sometimes four cups of coffee a day. At some point do I need to deduct points? (FYI, I'm not that bad, I have two on most days, it's not that often I have four)

    SW 142 12/31/07
    CW 139 1/28/08
    GW 130

    I vow this time to not stop journaling and weighing in. I will stay in control this time

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    I use points for my coffee and tea but only becaues I can't give up the half and half in my coffee. I can use FF milk in my tea, but instead of giving up the Half and Half, I cut the amount of coffee in half so I only have one serving of H&H per day.

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    mochalattekona Guest

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    I use FF half-half and sweet & Lo. I dont count my "pot of coffee a day" towards any of my points. My creamer is 10 cal and I barely use that amount.

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    tinka Guest

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    Black coffee is zero points. The calories in ff half n half add up. A point is approximately 50 calories.

    CW has said (I think) that for every cup of caffeinated coffee you should drink an extra cup of caffeine is a diruretic.

    Did I get that right CW?


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