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Thread: Pop Weaver Light Butter

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    Default Pop Weaver Light Butter

    The serving size is 2 Tbsp (5 c popped)
    Servings per bag is about 2.5

    1 cup popped is 20 calories 3 fiber and 4 fat.

    I eat the entire bag and count it as one point, is this correct?
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    Sorry, no.

    2.5 servings per, with each serving being 5 cups, is approximately 12 cups.

    20 cal x 12 = 240 cal. I do believe that the fat and fiber listed are calculated for the whole bag so your final numbers would be...

    240 cal
    3 fiber
    4 fat

    which equals 4.5 points. (which I round up to be on the safe side since I don't measure to see how many cups there actually are)

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    Can anyone tell me the pts on air popped pop corn, I know it is less than micro type. I do put ICBINB spray on it,

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