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Thread: healthy substitues to every single craving?

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    Default healthy substitues to every single craving?

    this is a beginner question.

    i have tried diets many times in the past, and i fall off, because there is something i always crave and it ruins my calorie count.

    i am trying it for the first tme with lean cuisines/ smart ones healthy frozen food. just so the points is a no brainer, and i can avoid take out. eventually i will make more of my own food. i throw in a salad and soup into every meal, as well as some cottage cheese.and mixed veggies.

    i was wondering, if its okay to make EVERYTHING low fat, fat free, etc.

    like for when i crave chips- i bought quakers rice chips, which are 1-2 points and have a lot of diff flavors.

    when i crave chocolate i have vita muffins/ brownies. and when i crave icecream- i have skinny cow brands.

    when i want bread i have ww bread.

    drinks are all crystal lite, fat free milk, diet soda, water.

    i have even gone as far as figuring out my weakenesses in fast food ( what i crave regularly) and finding lean cuisine substitutes.
    so instead of spending about 15 points at one meal at tacobell, i now get the quesidilias for 5 points/each!!

    is this a good idea? or am i being unrealistic?

    ijust dont see how this can be a bad thing. or is it bad to be on a diet and still satisfy every craving you have.?

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    Default Re: healthy substitues to every single craving?

    Well starbrite, you sure have a lot of different issues I could address....
    First off - diets do not last nor do they work since it implies short term, so eventually you go back to eating what is normal for you - hence they do not work.

    So all your other questions follow that logic....

    It is fine to give in to cravings once in a while, IMO. It is the amount you have that I would control, like a few bites or small piece.

    I personally do not eat any of the proccessed food, but I know alot do and the points are controlled so that works. I like alot of choices and I find I can eat much more if I prep it and such.

    Like I have a lg. salad at least once a day and everything but the kitchen sink is in it so it is filling. Then I eat my fruit, my rule is no fruit then no treat such as popcorn, pretzels, skinny cow ect...

    I eat alot of veggies and either bulgar or couscous or ww pasta with a piece of meat or veggie burger or fish or imitation crabmeat or just more veggies and no meat.

    That is alot of food compared to a small leancuisine...

    So think on a new way of eating that is not temp. and is not unrealistic and go from there. I hope this helped you a bit.

    You can do it girl ~


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    Default Re: healthy substitues to every single craving?

    Starbrite...I used to do everything fat free whenever I could. Then I had a conversation with my cousin who is a personal trainer that really made sense. She told me that if you have too little fat in your diet, your body will go into starvation mode. It seems our bodies do need real fat each day to function at peak performance. So, if you have too little fat or too many fat free products, your body will hang onto the fat it has (for survival), resulting in no weight loss or maybe even gains. Therefore I use low fat products or full fat products in smaller portions.
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    Default Re: healthy substitues to every single craving?

    My own personal opinion is that you seem to be in the diet menatility and kind of setting yourself up to fail.

    I don't eat Lean Cuisines. Not that I have anything against them, but for me, it wasn't enough food. It always left me wanting more and I felt like it wasn't points well spent.

    What always worked best for me was planning ahead. I start with the 8HG and then if there's a special treat I want, I use my WPA's, AP's or any left over points for the day. It does take a little more time and effort than just grabbing a frozen meal, but well worth it.

    For instance, why not buy a small single serve bag of chips if that's what you REALLY want. It's not a total points killer. And seriously, do rice cakes take the place of chips? Or does a LC pizza have anything on real pizza?

    I think learning portion control and working in the foods you love is key to long term success. I think with time, there are foods you find you just don't really have a taste for anymore. I know that's the case with me and fast food. But that didn't happen overnight, it took time.

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    I agree that you don't want the diet mindset, but I think it's awesome that you are planning ahead. If you know your cravings and have low point alternatives for when you get them, you are a step ahead. There are a lot of "real" foods that I eat, some low points and some not. Now and then it's okay to plan in treats if you really want them. Just plan the points, that's waht the extra weekly points allowance is for. So try to do it so that you are satisfied and can live like this forever. I've been on WW for the past 1 1/2 weeks and so far I've had real pizza, fast food bacon cheeseburger, chic-fil-a, a real hamburger and chips, plus cake at a birthday party. Guess what? It was all on plan! I used my flex points for it. It feels like cheeting, but it's not if you have the points for it. I eat healthy most of the week and splurge on treats. I have lost over 5 lbs in the past week and a half. I've followed the plan perfectly, ate a lot of low point food and some junk food too.

    P.S. don't forget those healthy oils. It is true that you need healthy fat! It's great for your body, skin, hair, etc. I find if I don't eat enough fat, my hair and skin really dry out. I like to use EVOO as Rachel RAy would say. It's great on cooked green beans, salad w/vinegar, etc.

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